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    Coupons can be used in July! Plenty aas raws in stock.
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    Got my pack from @Bat23man. Communication and t/a was great. Everything weighed as it was supposed to FCB0E1CA-DB5C-4B73-8B80-46375CE6C815.jpeg
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  3. Question/opinion on my current cycle.
    Currently my test levels are 1,600 at 250mg weekly
    80mg Anavar daily. 40 in the AM and 40 in the early PM
    300mg NPP weekly.
    Liver is looking really good and numbers are normal.
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  4. If all systems are go, stick with it. i like Test on the low end too, while letting the other compounds do the heavy lifting, so to speak, with no pun intended.
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    I recieved my pack and it looks to be what it's supposed to be. Thanks Anne
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    Opening a lab :eek:
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    Thanks for the review. :)
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    Plenty of primo E available in stock , anyone need it ?
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    Lol, no one NEEDS it, but how much are we talking on price?
  10. Oh yeah - that looks real professional.....?? o_O :confused:
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    It’s actually par from what I’ve seen. They shove it all into the stealth and it works. What would you prefer they package them into?
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  12. Im talking about the handwriting on the bags ...its what ?? :confused:
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    Oh it’s coded. There’s a log somewhere that tells you what abbreviation is what. Just another layer of security that may or may not actually provide any security. I know for sure dragon uses a similar system.
  14. Think I found a cure for PIP.
    Currently doing 300mg NPP every 6 days and this is the first time I have experienced PIP. So of course, it's the worst. One pin I got a hard knot and lots of tenderness, to the point where I could barley lay back on the bench press bench.
    A while back I jacked up my elbow and the Dr. prescribed a topical gel called Voltaren Gel. It's a pain reliever and anti inflammatory. Applied 2 doses of Voltaren Gel went to bed and the next day the tenderness and knot were gone. Tried it again on this pin but applied within an hour after pinning and once again before bedtime. No PIP, no soreness. Going to keep trying just to prove that it really does work.
    Ask your Doc. It's worth the try.
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    Want to give a quick update on the Bold prop i ordered from them back at May. Been running it for eight weeks now. Cycle is 350 test (other source) 350 bold, 490 masteron (another source). have run bold prop before and was familiar with the pip. Having excellent results. Definitely legit going by how i remembered bold prop (pip and endurance improvement). Going to stock up with more (only bought 40g last time).
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    Funny I was just thinking about primo... Details? Pm if you'd like
  17. In need of your guidance. Right now I'm stacking 300mg NPP weekly, 80mg Anavar daily, and 300mg Test D weekly.
    I'm cycling off the Anavar in a couple weeks and was looking for something else that will complement the NPP and Test.
    Perferably a low to non heptoxic compound.
    Suggestions, recommendations???
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    What’s you body fat %? If you’re lean enough maybe mast? Hard to beat some quality anavar though. Anavar has never affected my liver on blood work.
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  19. Neither does Anadrol, 'cause you're a genetic freak.
    Lucky bastard. :D:cool:
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    Haha!!! You remembered all my blood panels I posted ;). Anadrol and Anavar... damn that’s my bread and butter.

    Injectable testosterone is my oxygen and viagra is my water :).