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    Coupons can be used in July! Plenty aas raws in stock.
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    Got my pack from @Bat23man. Communication and t/a was great. Everything weighed as it was supposed to FCB0E1CA-DB5C-4B73-8B80-46375CE6C815.jpeg
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  3. Question/opinion on my current cycle.
    Currently my test levels are 1,600 at 250mg weekly
    80mg Anavar daily. 40 in the AM and 40 in the early PM
    300mg NPP weekly.
    Liver is looking really good and numbers are normal.
  4. If all systems are go, stick with it. i like Test on the low end too, while letting the other compounds do the heavy lifting, so to speak, with no pun intended.
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    I recieved my pack and it looks to be what it's supposed to be. Thanks Anne
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    Opening a lab :eek:
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    Thanks for the review. :)
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