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    I liked his suspension at around 30mg daily if I remember correctly. Any more than that and I just start to fill up too damn much.
  2. Turbo charged

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    How would u run the 50 mg Anavar always used the 10mg anavar before
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    I would take 1 ~ 2 of his Var pills, 1.5hrs before training. Absolutely wonderful.
  4. Turbo charged

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    So do split them because of half life
  5. He's saying take 1 or 2 pills. Not splitting. You mentioned taking 10mg var. Just wanna make sure. Your a male, right? If not, i do have 10mg and would not recommend taking the 50mg.
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    I am a Male. Just thought with half life it was better to split. I used to have 10mg var used 60 mg last year. I bought 10 packs of your 50 mg. Brother
  7. Once daily dosing will still build up in the system over time.
    Anavar has a 9 hour half-life, which i suppose you could split doses in an attempt for steady levels, but it's not necessary.

    Try it as a PWO, if you don't get anything out of it, just keep taking it once daily (or split, whatever). Give it a couple weeks and you should see a noticeable difference in strength.
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    I was running 2 a day for about 8 weeks. I always take 1 hour before workout with my meal. Back pumps
    For sure
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    Would there be any reason to not pin the dragons blood IM?
  10. Sdryx

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    You mean other than it being utterly pointless???

  11. Dipshitdave

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    Its not pointless if it's a preference. But thank you.
  12. T-Bagger

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    What are the effects of IM albuterol injections?
  13. Sdryx

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    If you prefer IM then do it. It's not changing anything...
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    The same as Sub-q...

    It already kicks in instantly...

    IM is not going to make it more instant than instant...
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  15. Why do you prefer to stick the muscle vs an easy pain free sub q hit?
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    No idea honestly. Subq feels strange to me. But a 31g to the delt or pec bothers me 0. Just preference.
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    Stan shipped on Friday and received on Monday!!! Quick shipping! :)
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    Specifics not necessary.
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    Damn hope mine wasn’t lost.....Stan did all the packages from sale get sent out? Not sure if that’s asking too much
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    Shipped sat touched down today super fast