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  1. Email me, my friend. Got very slammed with the going public and the sale. Some packs weren't as quick as others. Email me, i will make sure your taken care of.
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    @StanfordPharma regarding the dragon blood, how much of each compound is in a mL or half mL. I know it’s b6, lipoB and albuterol but just curious on the amounts. Sorry in advance if I missed it.

  3. Methionine.... 25mg per ml
    Inositol...........50 mg per ml
    Choline chloride..... 50mg per ml
    Vitamin b12..... 1000mcg per ml
    Albuterol.......... ACS
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    Whoops should of just said fast t/a!
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    He had to restock so give him time.
  6. i ordered at 11:36 AM on July 3rd. It was a hot and humid day. My balls were sticking to my taint with all that humidity. i payed for the order while sitting on the toilet, while listening to my neighbors enjoying a dip in their backyard pool.

    Pack touched down at 3:04 PM on July 8th. The weather was much nicer, with less humidity. A brown haired, blue eyed mailman named Johnathan delivered my package.

    His mail bag was slung over his left shoulder and it appeared that he did not get a good night's rest the night before. We made only brief eye contact as he spotted me peeking through the blinds at him.

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    You left out your address and Stan’s CIM or BTC addy.

    Ah, that uncomfortable eye contact. Did you immediately look away when he saw you?
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    Im guessing no. I would also figure in, since its @MisterSuperGod that a slow unzipping of the pants commenced.
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  10. Ancient chinese secret.
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    Haha. Yeah people would overdose for sure if you told them the amount... most wouldn’t understand it’s significantly more potent when injected vs oral.
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    Got my sale pack a little late, but SP made up for it. Can't wait to try the primo. Great service and comms. Will order again.
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    T/D. Took 8 days including the holiday. All accounted for.
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    Are there any sides with albuterol? I know clen has some negative sides. Would they be the same? Really interested in DB.
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    Same exact side effect profile. It has a shorter half life so needs more frequent dosing and is dosed in mg compared to mcg.

    Albuterol just gets in and out faster so less likely to get the shakes. And if you do get the shakes, it should pass much quicker.
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    Safer/milder on the heart than clen
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    They both fuck your heart up... albuterol is just milder, so naturally it would be milder on the heart. I’m not sure if there is a pharmacological difference with effects on the heart, however.

    Have any studies I can look at that compare effects on the heart with one to the other?
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    I can’t find any studies on this, sadly. Just going off of the articles listed on here by Bill Roberts.
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    Has anyone tried the winivar? Probs just gonna run that on my cruise with test @250.
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    Do you still have superdrol