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    This will be my first primo run, very much looking forward to it after blood work.
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    You’re correct in that no one has to order from him and I’m not trying to bash him but shit man, if you can’t keep up with the public volume, go private again. Not to mention, what about the guy that waited over a month to reship missing items? That’s okay because he’s the only source worth af domestically now?
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  3. Savagesteve

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    My favorite compound is primo. I’ll be running it at 800mg for 16 weeks next instead of the 400 I ran it at the first time.
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    Its not even like that. Missing product, orders not shipping, messed up viale and misinformation such as when something is shipping is what is getting to people. Im not saying shit doesnt happen because i know it does. If youre overwhelmed then so be it, put it out there and own it. Dont lead peoppe to believe one thing and something else happen.
    I dont care if i have to wait 2 months as long as thats what im told.

    Then you have people vouching for sources ssying he made up for it with extras. Nothing extra was offered to me and im good with that. Just want what i paid for and a little transparency with real info. From what i can tell Stan is cool, his email guy seems to be misleading a bit though and maybe dropping the ball? Usually when i hit him up here he is all over stuff to figure it out.

    This is just my experience and i like his business overall so take my words for what you all will. I try to keep shit private until im not getting anything in return.

    Stan has already replied to my PM from less than a half hour ago so my bitch fest is done now and i would absolutely buy from him in the future.
  5. Elevation1505

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    From everything I’ve been reading it sounds great! I’ll be running test 400mg/wk and primo 800mg/wk for 18-20 weeks. Thinking of adding var now for the first couple of weeks and last couple.
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    You should start a log. I’m curious to see the effects of 800 a week.
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    Thank you for sharing your feedback. That’s important. It provides other people with information before making an order.

    I’m sorry you took some abuse for sharing your experience. Members should be sticking up for other members here.
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    How were your results with 400mg? What else were you running?
  9. Savagesteve

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    Steady adding lbm after week 6 or so (lbm from the primo anyways). Nothing drastic like running tren but I felt amazing and even after a 16 week cruise I still had the lbm I had on blast. I ran it with 200 cyp and started the run with 50mg var ed for the first 4 weeks.
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    Initially 600 mg is what I was going to go with to leave room in the barrel for possibly Deca, seeing this is my first primo run I really wanted that in the spotlight to see what it does.
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    I know people react differently to different compounds but I don’t wanna bloat when adding lbm (deca bloats me bad). If I were to do that I would add npp.
  12. Just an fyi.

    If someone has something negative to say about thier experience i am completely fine with that. If i earned it then i earned it. I hold no ill will at all for someone sharing thier experience. I've only ever asked one thing from people posting thier experience and that was (for better or worse) is that people be honest. I do the best i can and am an honest person. Integrity means everything to me. I will always try and make it up to people that had bad service. But, for every person that had a bad experience (had to wait) there were hundreds of good experiences that you'll never hear about. When i opened my doors and went public there were a number of decent options out there and things were fine until all those sourcee shat the bed. I remember when tgi thought i was trying to get rid of him, but quite the contrary. I depended on these sources to control the flow of orders. That and I'm a decent person and just wish them success for thier own benifit and for the benifit of the members of meso. For instance, I've talked to @SymBiotics and i wish him well and hope for his continued success. Please don't leave me @SymBiotics ,lol. Haven't had time to see how things are going outside this thread so i have no idea how he or anyone else are doing. Point is, things just got out of control and i own that and try and make things right with those that i should. I really didn't need to have a sale. Just thought I'd give back to you guys for these reasons. I've pondered going private again and pondered other methods to control the flow of orders, but if anyone remembers, i got bashed when i was private for the way i handled that as well. Damned if i do, damned if i don't. At the end of the day, you guys don't know me, but i really care about SP, i care about you guys and i try tue best i can to make everyone happy. I guess i don't ways succeed, but like i said. For every unhappy person there are literally hundreds of happy people and I'm sorry for those that weren't satisfied. It wasn't like i said I'm gonna "f" with this guy today, lol. I hired the email guy to make things smoother. He came in to a shit storm and has been working hard to help clean things up. Anyways, thanks for listening. Now, back to work i go.
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    First time using Stanford and I will definitely post my honest experience. Every time I order from someone I post my experiences. Seen Stanford a while back when he was private and he’s still around.
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    I can’t really say it’s ok, the whole thing seems like a mess at this point. So why do y’all keep ordering from him expecting it to be like it was when he was private?
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    Just to clarify what i said earlier. I am not unhappy with the service i got and not talking shit on people that i dont know. Simply stating my experience and my opinion. As i mentioned im good with waiting as long as i get a rough time frame and i mentioned to Stan that i dont need freebies to make up for anything. With that said his email guy seemed mad at me and I wanted to say in public, sorry bro no hard feelings. Not trying to crucify anyone.

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    Is the red labeling on the primo new? Most of the oils labels I have seen in this thread had blue lettering but the primo had red.
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    Haven’t ordered from him since he was private although I still get alerts in this thread which is why I said what I did.
  18. I had a few hundred caps that had that wine color to it so when i first ordered primo i asked label guy to match the label color to those caps. No other reasoning other than using those caps and not tossing them. Has nothing to do with what's inside the vial.
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    Just my opinion on the last couple pages concerning TA and such, for whatever it’s worth. I don’t feel the need to post often but I have an opinion on this I want to share, much of it covered already. The guy is obviously swamped with orders as he’s mentioned many times. Anyone that’s been keeping up for the past couple months knows what happened and who’s gone now which led to this. It’s kinda slim pickings around here at the moment boys. Personally, without any dickriding here, I’m just glad that a time proven source like Stan is public and you don’t have to worry as much about getting bunk gear, infections, etc.. Yes, I would always prefer 3-5 day TA like anyone else would, but you can read many good posts here and get an idea of what kind of TA and service you can expect, which I think we can all agree is far from the best it’s been. He has taken steps to speed things up but there’s only so much you can do without hiring a lot of people which would put everyone involved at greater risk or abusing the hell out of some speed lmao. Don’t like what you see? Nobody is forcing you to buy from him. Go somewhere else for fucks sake if you can get it sooner and need it sooner. You see people’s long TA posts and how they get taken care of eventually, So stop coming on here bitching when your TA is in line with everyone else’s just to later post about how your pack landed and you’re happy with it. Bottom line is, if you use your brain and read a couple pages back before ordering, you should know what to expect. So don’t come crying when it’s exactly the same as it’s been for everyone else recently.
    Now I believe it’s time for me to go pop an adex or ten before I grow some tits because I never would’ve spent that much of my time writing a post.
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    Come here baby bird, Daddy will hold your hand
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