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    Sorry to hear that. From whst I’ve gathered he will be making it right for you guys
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    Also, what did you order?
  3. It's all good, bro. He isn't Amazon Prime and all the other clichéd excuses that people use to justify his atrocious shipping times, bro.

    We give Stan unlimited slack because he was once solid as a private source and he stepped up when 2 other domestic sources fell off the map, bro.

    Check it, bro! He didn't stretch himself paper thin to line his pockets, bro. No way, it was a straight up humanitarian effort, bro. You should be thankful and stop complaining, bro.

    Like, bro! Really, bro! Bro bro bro.
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    whole order was

    6 tren a
    7 test prop
    2 test sus
    2 masteron e
    1 winavar
    1 test e

    placed on january 14th. he ended up shipping everything in one pack besides the test prop and test e which i have received on the 11th of this month. still waiting on the rest. just a little upsetting people are receiving their packs who order far after me and i’m still waiting over a month now for everything. he did make up for the wait in the first pack with an extra injectable of each ordered although, which i do appreciate greatly. i do cut stan slack i can see very clearly how deep in orders he is but people who order after me really shouldn’t be receiving before me after had already been waiting this long. i’ve wanted to order during this sale as well but i mean i’m not going to place another large order without having received my first after all this time lol. i still appreciate stan and value his products and service. at this point i’m just assuming he must’ve let the rest of my order slip past his radar perhaps or it ended up shipping at a later date than he claimed.
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    Lol....that damn " hey man, this isn't Amazon"...I cringe every time I read that. And I couldn't agree more that his humanitarian efforts are greatly appreciated way did I ever get the impression he is here to line his pockets ( or any source for that matter). Soooooo many boards out there, so much information, do some research..3 to 5 day domestic delivery of quality gear is actually common place. I give you guys credit for the patience you have.
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    I ordered mast e too. I hear where you’re coming from but I don’t see why he wouldn’t compensate you
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    Have you recently emailed @StanfordPharma about this? He'll get you taken care of, probably did slip by him.
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    I do not have an order in with Stanford, I guess my post was more about applauding his customers for having the patience that they have.. And the same for the customers of the other popular domestic source on here too...I just don't have that type of patience or tolerance.. but I totally understand thier mindset with sticking with a quality source. With that said I was also alluding to the fact that with some time and research there are plenty of domestic sources out there that do deliver quality products within that cringeworthy " Amazon Prime time frame" ......
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    TA 30 days
    No extras just glad everything is accounted for.
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    wait a whole month? Did you PM him?
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    30 days TA and people are in here defending this prick? Meso is getting soft.
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    4 days TA here, he must be getting back on track.
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    yes and was told the rest of the pack would be shipping on the 11th of this month and still don’t have anything. originally paid on jan 14th
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    1st order took ~2 weeks, 2nd was like 4 day ta, and this order from the sale has already been shipped. 30 day ta would be unacceptable if SP was a new source or had a history of bad bloods or fucking people over.

    My first cycle was test cyp @500mg per week from panda. Every shot gave me insane pip and swelling and there was a shit show with the domestic brewer that ended up with me getting a refund and reorder from int.

    Not saying it doesn't suck to wait for an order, but I'd rather wait on something that is proven to be good then get something I'm unsure of quickly.
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    No not softer but smarter.What is the point of name calling.Does that resolve anything? The op aired his grievance.He is looking for resolution not more conflict.
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    I think he speaking to the fact that 2 years ago, regardless of who it was, a month with no shipping and nothing to make it right would have been laughed off the board.

    That being said, I’m willing to give sources a little break when it comes to shipping.
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    Meso used to have some special words for shills too but here you are.

    It holds sources accountable . Without that meso becomes ASF or BOP.
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    No I understood exactly what
    LMAO..A shill? I don't think stanny needs my help.He has an outstanding track record.Agoin this proves my point exactly Name calling doesnt hold any source accountable.Its just senseless trolling..It just a distraction from a factual grievance that is trying to be resolved.Are you going to shame stanny into doing the right thing.? Lol ??That bullshit just looks like you just want to see your own post I Lol
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    I know exactly what he was saying. My point was contribute to solving the actual grievance not just dumb ass insults.It looks like the person is just trolling and clogging up forum with senseless bull shit.