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    Hey @StanfordPharma, I sent you a email while back, is the old private email still good contact?
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    you should know better taking time off
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  3. Mac37601

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    I was just told stan had an emergency, and had to put everything on hold, till further notice...but will be compensated for the wait.
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    Hope stan is well man. Jeez.
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    Everyone has problems every once in a while but I can promise you @StanfordPharma always takes care of people! Don’t worry everyone!
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  7. Making promises for a guy you've only interacted with through email? Do you know him personally or have a hand in the business?

    Worst case scenario, what if he isn't alright? Are you gonna cover the losses for members that were left empty handed?

    Unless you're his right hand man, than you're just a customer. No offense, but your promise isn't worth a damn to anyone that has money out there.
  8. taco33150

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    Let stan be the one to explain the situation.. absolutely no reason for anyone else to do it for him ..just because your on his PRIVATE list ... he’s a big boy
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    I knew this would happen eventually.. they just want to flex their chest and act like they are good with Stan just because their on the LIST ..if only they knew ..
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    I though Stan had help these days?
  11. Mac37601

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    That is true
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    That was the first thing that crossed my mind. Few months back he said he had hired staff. Said they did all the emailing and shipping and he just brewed. Even blamed some mishaps on them.
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  13. Hey folks. Sorry, had to rush out of town for a death in the family. Only a couple packs that hadn't shipped and i had sent word to email guy to tell them that i would take care of them well for the wait. I really didn't want to post publicly what was going on, but in order to set things straight sometimes you must. As far as hiring help i never said i hired someone to help out other then handling some of the emails. I don't have staff other than a guy helping me with some emails. Not sure how he can do much more than that considering he's on the other side of the country. It was a member that said i had a staff in order to make me look bad. Is what it is.
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    Sorry for your loss Stan. Glad your safe. Cheers
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    [mention]StanfordPharma [/mention] sorry for your loss
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    Sorry for your loss Stanny.
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  17. Echo the sentiment from Kim. Been waiting on a TD from SP for quite awhile and was honestly getting peeved due to also lack of communication when reaching out and being told pack had shipped...but seeing this makes sense and best wishes to you and your family Stan. Sorry for your loss
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    Sorry as well for your loss Stan
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  19. Not for nothing but I did try to recently pace an order and was told to wait. He could have easily just let me send the funds and put me on the back burner like so many other sources would while they handles personal affairs. I appreciate that.
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    Been out of the loop for awhile - but, sorry for your loss @StanfordPharma