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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by StanfordPharma, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. pfdept59

    pfdept59 Junior Member

    The oral albuterol 1/2ml is 5mg ?
  2. Neewbiest guy

    Neewbiest guy Member

    I for one appreciate you!!!
  3. Yessir. Each tenth of a ml is a mg. See, i make math easy for you guys. lol
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  4. Thank you, sir. Now I'm blushing.
  5. Neewbiest guy

    Neewbiest guy Member

    2 clicks of the Dragons blood = fire! You can't go wrong!
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  6. Hey, for the Dragons Blood post it says 2ml to .25. Thats .2ml not 2ml. 2ml might kill you dead.
  7. I invented the Dragons Blood. It will be my legacy, lol.
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  8. pfdept59

    pfdept59 Junior Member

    That's what I thought.I will start with .25 ml of the DB and 1/2ml of the oral albuterol for my starting doses for your cutting cycle
  9. pfdept59

    pfdept59 Junior Member

    I am 5'7" 188lbs. 10%BF.Do you think they are good starting doses?
  10. JP1979

    JP1979 Member

    I don’t use the liquid but for DB start at .2, it’s plenty
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  11. Leopoldo

    Leopoldo Junior Member

    Is it ok to mix hcg and dragons blood all in one shot?
  12. Shouldn't be a problem. I used to use Dragons Blood as bac water for my gh.
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  13. Keep in mind, you can always add more Dragons Blood in tue syringe, but once reconstituted you can't take it out. Going under the desired amount of Dragons Blood is better than going over. Hope that makes sense.
  14. Evilgainz

    Evilgainz Member

    What is everyone dosing the major toms at? Going to vaca for 7 days of banging haha... Should i split it or just use 1 eod?
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  15. rugerjitsu

    rugerjitsu Member

    1 oed should keep you ready for action...for best results, time your dose within about 4 hours of "banging".
  16. taco33150

    taco33150 Member

    I use 2 on the insulin syringe
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  17. Neewbiest guy

    Neewbiest guy Member

    2 clicks is where it's at! Got me like Rick Flair....WOOOOOO!!!!
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  18. taco33150

    taco33150 Member

    I did three last Saturday .. hit legs .. barely walked out of the gym after..
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  19. Snipe_HNIC

    Snipe_HNIC Member

    Sub q injection?
  20. T-Bagger

    T-Bagger Member

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