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  1. Tacos is correct. Vitamin c.
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  3. You guys are making me blush.
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  5. Yeah, may just take a bit. Have to get other things before halo. Stuff is expensive.
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    Check your inbox sent you a message
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    Is the price list from page one up to date and is the 20% off sale still going?
  8. Sale ended quite a while ago. Updated list on page 10. Only difference is no dhb and mast p is in stock.
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    $150 minimum order?
  10. Ish. 150 ish. I'm not set in stone. Just don't want a hundred little orders going to the post office.
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    No problem,I will email you an order tomorrow.Thanks
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    How is the pip with the DHB,want to order but heard the pip can be pretty bad
  13. No dhb other than some dhb 60mg/test cyp 140mg combo that have no labels. Been selling them for $30. No pip has been reported.
  14. i'll go $200 if you let me do CIM... The non perverted meaning of that acronym... Okay, the perverted meaning too.
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    Another successful landing from the man. Thanks Stan :)
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    SP you went public ??? Damn I’ve been gone for too long lol
    These people are lucky asf
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    What do you recommend for dosages of the liquid Albuterol and the dragons blood?
  18. Both are pretty much individual based due to tolerance. For oral you can try 3 or 4 mg. For Dragons Blood. 2ml to .25ml to start.
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    Thanks,look forward to giving it a try
  20. Yes on both accounts. I went public and these people have no idea how lucky asf they are, lmao.
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