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    I look at like this .. if you gonna buy from a stranger online there’s a chance you gonna lose your money .. almost like gambling or eh stock market.. if you don’t have money to throw away.. that’s your fault..

    Anyway.. i got to go put Stan’s stuff in my quad .. I better have gained some size overnight..
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  2. The way they are made. They are capped by the hundreds (multiple hundreds at a time). Just made sense to sell them that way. Personally, i don't care how they are sold. I mean i care in a sense that i care what you guys want, but from my perspective i don't care. If there's another preference and the majority of people would prefer it a particular way i don't mind doing it that way. I just thought a 50 pack at 50mg per was a nice average amount. The 10mg var is made that way for the ladies (or mens with vaginas, i don't judge). There's also liquid oral in suspension so you all can custom hour dosage.
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    I'm using your var preworkout and I can say it's on point. The 50 mg. is awesome because I only have to pop one capsule. 50 count is awesome because of the dosage you make.
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    The reason why a business would sell them with that quantity is exactly for that reason. Because then you will have "extra" capsules at the end of your cycle and that will prompt you to want to purchase more because or else the excess goes to waste.
    This lab may not be aware of that sales technique but that is the reasoning behind it.
    $$$ is almost always the reason.
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    You should give your avi wings and let her fly! :D
  6. That was my assumption also. It makes total sense from a business stand point. That and quantities of 60 or 120 dont also add up to an even amount for the raw quantity purchased. Which is basically what Stanford said.
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    I’ve been using blockchain for years without issue. I also have Jaxx I use occasionally. Both have been good for me.
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  8. Thanks brother, ill give them a look. BTW, lookin like a fucking house in your avi.
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    50x50mg is fine. Most dudes don’t run orals more than 6 weeks anyways and that’d be 42 caps.
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  10. Oh, sworder, great one..please never cease to grace us with your infinite knowledge and wisdom regarding ALL matter of life. :confused:
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  11. Yeah, right to my bed!!
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    Was I offensive to you? I don't think I deserved that comment.

    How was your day? Anything happen today that made you smile or laugh out loud?
  13. Just poking harm intended. It’s not that serious.
  14. Alright everybody. I have to run out of town. Sorry, i won't be able to answer any emails or posts/pm's until tomorrow.
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    You should probably drive, you'll get there quicker....
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    @StanfordPharma Now that your public, do we still need to email you for a current stock/price list? Thanks
  17. Don't be so sure. I'm very fast for a old guy, lol.
  18. Page 35, my friend.
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  19. Ok, that's really it. I'm up out this....
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    I know, I was kidding you can insult me all day if you want.

    It doesn't phase me, I think it looks bad on the person cussing and being rude honestly :p