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  1. Pm me. Nvm. I'll pm you.
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    T/A is on point SP. Thank you sir for the donkey cream he is going to get huge!
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    Lucky u
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    Don’t even sweat it bro seriously you will get your parcel. This mans been around for a super long minute. He will take care of you, Without a doubt. There’s certain people who are assholes and can’t be talked too. Then there’s SP who’s a down to earth hardcore moth fucken G. You’ll get your product bro
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    It's not even a question. Relax brotha
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    So Stanford is public now... Guess I've been gone a while...
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    Y’all guys doing this DRagon BlOod?

    What 3 ticks mean?

    Don’t feel to much with .25 wondering how much at a time y’all increase it?

    Like how much y’all doing

    (The 20ML brew)
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  8. Sdryx

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    "3 ticks means .03ml" The third tick on an insulin syringe... This is the average dosing for the 10ml formula only.

    .3ml and up to start for the new 20ml formula.

    I feel good energy at .4ml without the jitters with the new formula.
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    Stanny, u good?? Haven’t seen u around in over a week. @Sdryx
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  12. Nobody talks to me. :(
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    Lol, whatever.
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    Meant to post last week, but very quick T/A - Thank you!!
  15. rugerjitsu

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    Who ran stanny's test/mast/tren blend? Does anyone recall the mg breakdown?
  16. 50/75/75 if I remember correctly. Worked great for me but did have some bite
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    You're right...I had to do some digging, but I found an old post. Thanks tho, cheers! I took the last two of Stanny's stash of that blend...probably dose it on the daily for a nice kickstarter or finisher this fall.
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    Hey Bro my ProtonMail and local bitcoin got hacked. He stole some BTC and is blackmailing me for more. It’s not me using my ProtonMail account its hacker.

    Anyway I’ll be in touch once I’m secure

  19. rugerjitsu

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    Do you know how that happened?
  20. Well, if he starts saying my gear is bunk and that I'm no good in the sack then maybe it wasn't just his bitcoin and email that got hacked.
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