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  1. Sdryx

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    How many compounds will you be running? Surely not just primo alone...

    And which compound would the feels be attributed to? Shit, when I get lots of head from my girl I feel like my cycle is going better but...

    Yeah, testing is the way to go.
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  2. MCFC

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    Bro everything in life feels better after a blowjob lol
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  3. T-Bagger

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    I find everything in life feels better DURING a blowjob. Afterwards, I’m like.. meh.
  4. Swolemonkey86

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    So you’re telling me you have no idea how your body “feels” on certain compounds? I’ve been doing this for 10 plus years and have taken more primo than I care to admit, some bunk and some legitimate and I damn right could tell you if my primo is legit whether I’m taking it solely or along with 3 other compounds. For the purpose of the board, I agree that including only lab test results probably eliminates a lot of useless bull shit and is more productive as a whole however I think it’s completely stupid and pussy to ignore your gut. So next time you try some new tren ace, 14 days in at 75mg/day when you’re not getting any night sweats, anxiety, or change in body composition (if those are your usual sides from the compound) you’re going to think “well.... I’m not gonna conclude it’s bunk until I send it off and wait for the results”
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    I understand where you're coming from. But that's uncommon for a person to have experience running a gram of primo.... imo.... also your average gym bro most likely can't tell the difference if he's running a half gram of deca or a half gram of masteron. Which is the purpose of testing just because he feels something usually doesn't mean shit. I'd you'd have been here years with cycle history and logs etc....that wouldn't hurt your case. Either way I've done business with him a lot and never been disappointed. I'm sure you're going to get what you're looking for.
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  6. Sdryx

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    So after doing this 10 years you are telling me that repeating the same cycle with yield pound for pound the exact same results??? Ever done the same cycle and get different results? And any difference is going to be attributed to what then?

    Yeah man, testing is the way to go... Welcome to Meso!
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  7. Ambiguous

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    Running Primo is as close as I get to a pct. Too much oil for too little return.
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  8. rugerjitsu

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    Hey Stanny...are you open to adding anymore blends to the list? If so, here's some that I like:
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  9. AllAboutTheGainz

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    Can someone DM me a source for prami for my progesterone please!
  10. taco33150

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    He already has a test tren mast blend
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  11. rugerjitsu

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    @StanfordPharma is this true??
  12. Sorry, missed your post above. To be honest, i don't have time with the going public and all. I think i may have a few left of a blend, though. Can't remember which. I will check and get back to you this afternoon.
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  13. AllAboutTheGainz

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    Happen to have any caber or prami by chance?
  14. No sir. Sorry.
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  15. Ambiguous

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  16. You bastard, lmao. J/k.

    Had a long rough night of drinking. Checking mail right now.
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  17. J DUGIN

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    Further update on my DB use.

    3 ticks quickly went to not giving me the effects (rush/amped feeling) as the first few times I pinned it. I’m now up to 5 ticks and feel I could even go higher.
    Am I just building up a tolerance to albuterol?
  18. Yes. It's just like clenbuterol. Desensitizes your receptors. 2 weeks on 2 weeks off.
  19. J DUGIN

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    Gotcha. I’ll give it a break and go back to it after a couple of weeks. Thanks SP!
  20. Ritzcrakers

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    @StanfordPharma what's the best way to contact u about packs t/a been a little since confirmation of payment