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    Close everything and open new , how’s he blackmailing you ?
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    Emailing me from my old ProtonMail to my Gmail that without more BTC he’ll post info and close accounts. So we all know how that’s gonna go— more $, more $, more $. It’s whatever
  3. He's using dirty pics of me and AJ in very compromising positions.
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    Yeah I was being lazy fuck and not using enough verification. But I think it started with a fake prompt on local bitcoin to ProtonMail link back to local bitcoin— bought BTC that locked out
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    I think I’ve put it together. Got a prompt from Lbtc about device not being reconized click email link. Email with link was there in ProtonMail address looked good I clicked etc... somewhere in there
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    @StanfordPharma Whats the protocol for ordering? Can you PM me? Sorry if I'm outta line here, didn't see it in previous posts. Thanks!
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  7. Look for his other thread. The open to the public one. There's an email address there.

    Create a Proton mail account if you don't have one already. Gmail is for the gays. :D
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    Got it, thanks...Damn Neewbs! :oops:
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  10. Ooooo I need one of those :eek:
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