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    Very good question Sir and I'm glad I was asked this.
    First of all I live in a country where the communist party has the majority in parliament and everything's strongly connected with Russia, from the economic enviroment to politics from govertment to secret service police.
    US keeps struggling to extradite some hackers which caused a prejudice of over 100 million $ for more than 8 years with no success.

    Naps, Alin and a lot of sources are located nearby and they operate for more than 15 years. I think that's pretty clear how we deal with these things here.

    The neighbor countries were our warehouses are located have indeed different political views and there is indeed a more effective and less corrupt justice but still a quarter of the active substances we sell can be easily bought from local pharmacies with NO prescription.

    In Eastern Europe there was NEVER a jail conviction for possesion, traffic or smuggling through customs. They don't even open a trial for that. The fine starts from 3.000$ and can go up to 10.000$ if a seizure of tens of thousands of vials occurs.
    The gear is of course seized ... temporarry ... :) ...

    PharmacomStore servers with your personal data are kept in my country with 0 access for the US authorities. You should never doubt that.
    Regarding our team, the lowest ranked members in charge with the postage and dropshipping they don't even know who they work for. All cells are isolated in such a way if hypothetically something happens at one location things can easily be rerouted and rest of the team avoid all problems. The system is pretty complex and it evolved since 2008 in a way that it should ensure many more years to pass.

    Some of the members here who already made several purchases with me can confirm they received invoice of payment from multiple countries, at least 4 in the last months and shipping also occured from 3 different countries, one even from another continent.

    Busts and similar large operations should always be considered as alerts and we should all act cautious.
    I want to assure everybody that we don't treat the recent events with superficiality and each month we try to improve not just our services but also our safety measures.

    We'll soon be able to ship it from our lab, yes.
    Unfortunately, as usual for International shipping from the factory, 4-5 days preparing the package + 2 weeks delivery.

    For premium delivery from PharmacomStore warehouse, most probably at the end of the month.
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    I guess I was referring to customer/member safety. Not that it wouldn't be a bummer to watch the US try to extradite you...but with controlled deliveries etc ...I'm talking about us. Nice to know you've got your safety and that of your employees taken into acct....I guess it's biz as usual on our end. Lol...Christ. Thought I had an ego.
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    I don't think Cyber Juice is targeting or doing controlled deliveries on regular customers that are ordering throughout the year for personal use. My worst case scenario for more than 7 years of doing business with US was a seizure letter.

    I nevered opened a domestic warehouse just because of the safety measures which I like to keep at a high level.

    No matter how concerned you may be, you can't get more guarantees from a source than the ones I already offered you.
    Shipping and operating from multiple places with NO US jurisdiction, 100% shipping success rate for the 5th consecutive year in a row, over 7 years of experience.
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  4. I know up here in Alaska the governor has said Alaska will have the strictest postal service to fight the flow of drugs into/out of the state , yet a close friend of mine has been shipping pot every week here for years and never lost a delivery .

    And pot is really still the easiest of drugs to detect (especially his) so I'm happy to report it's been a failure for the governor...

    If he can ship lbs of stinky pot on a monthly basis I'm not so concerned with ordering a few vials of sealed oil.....
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    Good point Sir!
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    Huge td from Darius today!!! Packin was great shipping was right on time.. I got
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    jizzes in computer
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    I didn't know Darius's carried halo.....Damn
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    You have no idea how stoked I am to run some halo! Im a strength athlete and I heard so crazy stories....
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    Hey @Dema let us know what you think of that halo
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    Of course, the caveat there is that the postal service is federal, not state, so the Governor should not have his fingers in it. But... the point that the other stuff continues to flow is very encouraging.

    Then again, that's a great political position to take... We will stop the flow in and out or.... blame the inability to do it on the Feds!
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    Darius.. would love to try out some pharmacon me please
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    he responds within 24 hours to emails
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    I do not have his email ..and i dont see it on his profile
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    Thanks man .
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    I won't be running it till the end of my run but I will sure update you guys when I do.. I have heard great things about halo
  20. Its funny you say that, you do realize you just asked someone else to foot the bill for YOUR illegal activities right? And to a drug dealer no less...o_O
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