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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by MEEKmlz, Mar 16, 2015.

  1. brutus79

    brutus79 Member

    Read his posts before writing a novel that is telling him exactly what he was saying a few posts back. Does anyone fucking read posts anymore or do they just love the masturbatory act of writing their own?

    I hate the fucking underground. Bunch of douches either riding source dick or douches bashing dick riders for likes. Waste of fucking time in here.
  2. Sampei

    Sampei Member Supporter

    No offense Brutus but this time I believe you are wrong. Only the first part of my post was related to ape, and only where I said: no need to be aggressive without a reason.

    He is the one saying Darius looks like a huge dick, in my opinion he doesn't look like it. He just stated his opinion and how he sees things from his perspective.

    He is the one stating: making your customer feel unsafe is not a smart move. I addressed that point stating I don't see in what way Darius could make his customer feel unsafe.
    All of these just because ppl just pretend to much from a business that unfortunately it's illegal in most of the countries we live in.

    I'm sorry if you feel that the underground is full of shill and of ppl riding source dicks, I'm sorry if we mere mortal can't find AAS from awesome private source or whatever... So we have to engage in online debate about what who and where is better to buy. I do agree that there are a lots of elements around that are here with an agenda or they can't review anything without cock riding, but I suggest you to think twice before addressing someone of being a douche or a source dick riding.

    I have the idea that if we want to be treated with respect we should give respect to ppl that have behaved in a good manner.

    Darius can be liked or not, but until now he hasn't being disrespectful to anyone and has always tried to address problems with good manners and professionalism. Not many sources have behaved in the same way.

    So I'm not afraid of bashing a source if it deserves a good fist up of his ass but at the same time I'm not afraid of sticking my head out and give credits if he is trying to do a good job and provide a good service.

    I'll see you back in the training forum, I just started a ft7 program using the one you posted a while a go :)
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  3. brutus79

    brutus79 Member

    All I was saying is that he stated it was ridiculous to expect a source to assume responsibility for customer safety- and you seemed to be admonishing him repeating exactly what he said. My apologies if that was misinterpreted.

    I wasn't saying you were a dick rider... just Commenting on the ongoing state of the underground. It's whatever.

    Enjoy the program. I ran it for a year and had some big changes.
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  4. Sampei

    Sampei Member Supporter

    He slightly changed his mind on the last two post, but you are correct we were mostly saying the same things at the start of the argument :)
    Yeah the underground is what it is... Still give us some fun here and there :)

    I'm gonna start in two weeks, I did changed it slightly because some exercise are not fit for my body (give me pain) and I'm running it with 2 arms days instead of 2 legs day, but that's because I'm lacking in that department, will switch it around after few months, I'm really excited about it :)

    One question a bit offtopic, on the heavy sets before the 7x12, do you shoot for 8 or 12 reps? Or you do start from 8 reps and every week try to achieve 2 more until you reach 12 and then increase the weight and go back to 8? Hope it's understandable what I'm asking, I'm still quite far from master the english language :D
  5. Sampei

    Sampei Member Supporter

    @Darius PharmacomStore

    When will you accept bitcoin as payment? Is a much better/faster/easier solution then MG/WU on both side buyer/receiver.
  6. brutus79

    brutus79 Member

    Aim to be failing the last set or two of 12. If you can complete all four sets of 12 you need to add weight.
  7. Sampei

    Sampei Member Supporter

    so you try for 12 reps not 8. because I was looking at it and it said: 4x8-12 and I was not sure if I had to shoot for 8 or 12
  8. brutus79

    brutus79 Member

    If you do 12, 12, 10, 8 you have a good weight. When you hit 12 x 4 you need to put more on, feel me? If you can't hit 12 once it's too heavy.
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  9. Sampei

    Sampei Member Supporter

    Now I get it!!! :)
    makes sense!
    thank you
  10. I didnt change my mind, is he or is he not making customers feel unsafe, regardless of his security? My point in that particular sentence was that if his responses were worded less arrogantly people people would feel more secure. When someone thinks they're untouchable the obvious implication to the public is that they're more likely to slip up. All of that could be avoided by being a bit more humble and admitting being extradited is a real possibility, but hed rather imply he's untouchable and be a dick about it to top it off.

    Also if truly none of your post besides the first sentence was directed at me, then you should stop directing it at me with the word "you" after quoting my post and saying my name. Brutus was not wrong, the way you wrote was.

    Im tired of arguing though, especially when were in agreement for the most part. Ill go back to lurking.

    Peace love and happiness.
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  11. Sampei

    Sampei Member Supporter

    You have to understand that english is not My native language. I can easily make mistakes and what I write come up different then what I wanted it to be :)

    Anyway, no one is untouchable but some ppl in some countries are very slippery to the hands of justice. I can assure you :)
    Especially in places where money can fix almost any problem.
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  12. biggerben69

    biggerben69 Member

    I remember everything. That's why I don't stumble and trip over the lies that I tell here. Wipe the floor? Lurk and pick your spots. That shit will catch some with the Deer in the Headlights Syndrome. I more than hold my own with your type.

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  13. You're admitting you tell lies? Whats going on here? Ben would never admit to his lies.

    Not even a Freudian slip...

    Who are you? What did you do with ben you bastards!?!
  14. biggerben69

    biggerben69 Member

    One after the other. I can't stop. Like this One; I'm sitting in bed at a spa/casino after a night out with friends which saw me having a New York Strip, medium rare, twice baked potato, and Caesar salad. Came back to my room and worked on trying to conceive...but the guy that tried to snatch my wife's purse can't get pregnant from my skull fucking him? Dry run, so to speak.
    There's that fantasy you were asking for. You're welcome.
  15. LifeSTRONG

    LifeSTRONG Member Supporter

    BB69 can you skull fuck in the other room I am trying to eat breakfast, I'm not trying to see that shit.
  16. Steroidify

    Steroidify Steroidify Rep Supporter

    We already have a wallet and we'll soon implement it on the website platform.
    Most probably till the end of the month.
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  17. Sampei

    Sampei Member Supporter

    that's nice :) so easy to pay with bitcoin and even cheaper :)
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  18. Sampei

    Sampei Member Supporter

    @Darius PharmacomStore

    one more thing, please implement a way of deleting order on your website.
    I don't like to keep track of my orders after I have received it.
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  20. Dema

    Dema Pharmacom Rep

    Why not just email him bro