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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by MEEKmlz, Mar 16, 2015.

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    NO. His original post asked what they were doing to protect their consumers amidst the continuing war on steroids in the US.
    And the answer was unsatisfactory. It seems they have plans for protecting themselves, but protecting those who fund them is not a top priority.
  2. YES.

  3. jaymaximus

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    Anyone can make anything true if they pick and choose what parts to "quote".
  4. Lol wow you actually didnt even go back just 2 pages to verify before making an asinine accusation, and a childish remark. -1 for Reading comprehension, common sense and maturity. Its ok to be wrong sometimes.

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    If you read his whole quote and look below it, youll see I commented soon after. So obviously I read it. My point is that he had a well thought out and valid "argument". But you tried to make it seem stupid by picking out a small part and quoting it out of context.
    With OCJ going on we should all be worried about buying anything right now (more so than usual), and it matters what precautions UGLs are taking. Especially the ones overseas who believe that because they are overseas they cant be touched.
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    what drug dealer in any country puts the customer first?? cmon people lets get real here your wants and demands are totally unrealistic of any of these ugls..You know all the risks involved when purchasing these know as well they are NOT a usa based company such as Walmart where you demand customer service and such but yet everyone still demands all this ...How about this Just don't Fing order anything if you expect all these demands from UGLS...stfu already(( and this was not really directed at you Jay) I just read all this blah blah blah crap from a to z and people need to realize exactly where they stand in this picture its ALL ILLEGAL so don't be making demands
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    I think operation cyber juice is something we should all be concerned about, but we all should realize that no one else is going to look out for us, it is each individuals responsibility to look out for themselves , even if that means holding off on orders until the dust settles a little , do what you need to do to protect your own safety...
  8. I implied your reading comprehension was lacking and said that you did not verify accusations, never did i say you did not read bens post, quite the opposite actually. (-2 for reading comprehension and common sense)

    Lol idc about your "point/assumption" you're deviating. You flat out said NO. and then proceeded to tell me what he did say in your original response. (See below) You told me he didnt say something, when in-fact he did, which i then made easily observable, nothing more.

    Furthermore, your "point" is silly because I did not quote out of context on my original post. The quote you're referring to was a response to your post (above) provoked by the incorrect statement within, it had nothing to do with the validity of bens statements. And why are you assuming that i was trying to make bens entire post seem stupid when my comment was specific to only a certain part anyway?!? You're butthurt over an incorrect assumption, and now you're all over the place trying to defend something which was never attacked.

    I agree ben had valid concerns, but asking someone else to foot the bill for his or others illegal activities was ludicrous, especially to a drug dealer. Bottom line.

    Stop making incorrect statements and accusations trying to defend something that was never attacked in the first place.
  9. Since its what i originally wanted to talk about and you haven't disagreed as of yet, I have an honest question for you jay, i promise its not loaded.

    Do you think Pharmacom or any UGL is obligated or should even be asked to pay for your illegal actions?
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    I think he should pay for my penile reduction because my back hurts.

    What up nigga? Where you been?
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    Not at all. Thats insane. Just that they should take all precautions to make sure there are no legal actions.
    Ive just seen recently that domestic UGLs are more worried about LE and foreign seem to think theyre untouchable. They may be, but we're not (assuming we means USA). My thought is if you (meaning UGLs) arent worried about getting caught, then you wont care what happens to a customer. And that makes a difference in who I would order from.

    Note: all this actually stemmed from another UGL who made it clear he didnt GAF because he was overseas. Just so happened ben made his post the same day.
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    Jumping me as much as you have in the past I would expect that you'd get I was being facetious with my remark about setting up a legal fund for customers? That's pretty clear even with some of the dry humor I kick out at times.
    I don't expect drug dealers to CARE as far as seriously having concerns for us being happy and safe. However, if they start having pkg's picked off by customs and they are having to reship more often or see a down trend in orders from our country after it gets around that their packaging has fallen off because they became more concerned about getting packs out and less with stealth then they will make positive changes to help their bottom line. If we benefit from them looking out for themselves I'm happy with that.
    I'm known to have a pretty good grasp on most subjects I talk about at meso. Whether its smuggling, packaging, shipping, customs or dealing I've learned from life experience. As far as common sense goes, I know that I can't expect everyone to like or respect me and there are those that are rubbed the wrong way and some who sit back watching and waiting for a slip up or any kind of opening they think they see to try and make me look bad.
    I haven't seen ape shit for a while. I remember seeing posts he's made talking shit about I used to steal his lunch money or that I fucked his girl silly and then sent her home to him. Maybe I did? I've done things like that, and worse, much, much worse. But chances are I just remind him of someone who done those things and hurt his feelings. I can't worry about things like that. I've got girlfriends to fuck and lunch money to stack.

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    Everything received. Thanks Darius!
  14. Dema

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    Pinned Darius's sust300 for the first time today and felt great.. No pip what so ever! It is thick but I've been used to using thick oil so nothing new. Just sticking with trt dosing for a couple month as I heal an injury then I'll be blasting away with all Pharmacom
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  15. Haha well if we're really going to go back to a couple years ago, you actually jumped me and called me an astro shill, but yes i was a bit insensitive. I sort of wiped the floor with you for fun. Sorry man, I didnt know you would hold on to that all this time, I should have been more sensitive.

    I promise im not out to get you buddy, i only want to discuss the topic.

    As a sign of goodwill we can postpone that discussion in favor of one of your mildly entertaining homoerotic rape fantasies if you'd like?
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  16. No problemo, I agree with you. This dude seems a bit arrogant and theyre not untouchable, even if they were, not a smart business move making customers feel unsafe.
  17. Ill pay double for you to keep it until we meet up again :)

    I jump in and out of the forum stuff, my tag should say shitty member.
    You fuckers arent playing games anymore lol i think there are only two real sources here.
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    Your PM was received and replied.

    Honestly, I think the best way a source can protect its customers is by protecting itself. If you disagree, please bring valid arguments. Based on my belief, my detailed answered from above was indeed focused on several security measures which we have long ago implemented. Less than 5% of the sources can attest or prove similar measures as the ones I described.
    Hopefully, you are aware of that since you decided to open such a debate.

    I'm surprised that my concern for my customer's safety is being questioned in such a manner considering the fact that I'm the only source offering a STEALTH PACKAGING with NO EXTRA COST. A shipping method that proved its success worldwide, bulletproof deliveries with no exception for the 7th consecutive year in a row.

    The security measures we take have a general sense, for thousands of customers. We can't target each in type of individual customer. If you think a source can or will do more than this, I regret to inform you otherwise.
    For example there is nothing I can do when each month at least 4-5 customers put on the WU/MG invoice, under payment details, the link to the products or writting their order. Not to mention hundreds of e-mails with call requests to US numbers or the use of work e-mail addresses.

    A busted source should have no impact on its customers. These operations are targeting the supplier, not their thousands of buyers. If each of you would know several basics about a PO box, TOR, crypted e-mail, no signature options .. I would be safer too.

    To avoid problems and repercussions as a customer and choose a proper source you probably need a medium IQ level. If you don't possess that, you need luck.

    Thanks for the update Sir!
    Keep a log or post bloods here and get 100$ store credit.
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  19. I agree that the best way to protect customers is to protect yourself, LE isnt interested in end users, that's pretty obvious. Just look at all the bullshit seizure letters everyone gets. But...

    You still sound like a huge dick.

    Less than 5% of sources? You just pulled that out of your ass, you have no way of knowing. "Hopefully you are aware" im going to ask you to substantiate that claim.

    How the fuck is a PO box going to protect anyone....bro?

    And you probably only need a "low" IQ to understand that insulting customers is a shitty business move. Dick.

    I would have been on your side, and a lot of others would have too because honestly peoples expectations are becoming completely unrealistic but now i just plain dont like you. You can shove your overpriced shit up your ass :)
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    Apeshit bro, stop being that aggressive without any reason. Darius as every other source can't protect US from LE. What he can do is protect himself and our Details at the best he can do. (Deleting address after order is received for example).

    When you go buy drugs on the streets (I'm not implying that you do) do you think that drug dealers gives a fuck about you and are responsible for your own safety if you get busted on the way home?

    Come on get real for fuck sake!!
    You buy illegal stuff on the damn internet, you take a risk. You get busted, you go in courts is your damn problem! You can't ask a source to care about it. It's just retarded.
    The best the source can do is be discrete as possible, don't keep any info or delete it as soon as possible, and don't get busted.

    Sometime I wonder where do you all live... In wonderland? I have received in the past two packages from Darius and I have received lots of package from 7-8 different sources. I can assure you, his package was the best ever received. That's probably the most important part for us, package, shipping carrier and from where the package is shipped.

    You don't want to be caught? Order only domestic. That's what I do, I pay more but I have peace of mind (and even with domestic in Europe you can get caught, some country still check packages even if there is no custom between EU nations.)