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    Jesus fuck you newbs are literal.

    Fucking bayou? Studying how alligators and crawfish interact? You’re right, totally too specific. It’s not a fucking joke or anything.
  2. Villain

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    If you took the time to read this thread, you would see that the man himself has said what kind of work he does outside of sourcing. If he was overly concerned, he wouldn’t have made mention. Why don’t you and the other newbs go back and read. And then every time you think of spewing shit from your mouth (fingertips), go back and read again. Meso has existed long before you got here, oh hero and will continue to exist long after you.
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    New guy so opinions on dicey behavior by more established members are automatically invalid. Great.

    I read the entire thread and am aware of what Sym shared and what they did not. I suppose you can say whatever you want based on the info Sym has offered, other information you may have gathered, and the conclusions you’ve reached, but SHOULD you? I don’t think so.
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    I’m just curious what is considered a newbie lol. 1 month, 6 months, a year. I see a lot of new users posting a lot more than ever.
    I think it has to do with sources shutting down but I never saw so much talk of where’s my pack, where did symbolic go. Not just thread either.
    Trust me I get it sucks waiting but I think we all have waited for packs. Shit it’s why I order over seas sometimes. Comes just as fast domestic at times. I agree it sucks waiting but as many others have stated it’s not amazon. As long as I get MY gear and it’s clean, potent and dosed right then I’ll wait And check in with the source every now and then
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    The 4th Quarter 2019 membership drive was apparently very successful!

    There are a lot of new members from November and December. They seem to have eagerly scurried over, bitcoins spilling out of their pockets demanding their gears.

    They’ll quickly scamper back to eroids, BoP, or ASF, happy to ingratiate themselves back with stories of “how fucked up that MESO board is”.
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    Thanks for the update Sym. Keep in mind folk you’re not ordering candy any error in shipping issue cause be troublesome. Make sure to triple check shipping info for your own safety.
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    order recieved! This guy doesnt fuck around when it comes to packaging. I've ordered international before that wasnt packed as well as what Sym does. Cant wait to try
  8. Villain

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    No, new guy advice is taken and considered when it isn’t utterly stupid, like yours was.
    Again, read and read again before spouting off. Understand what could be a joke or what lines up with the truth of what was said.
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    He has an eco friendly lambo he drives with lic# symb 1 on a jesus fish designer plate.
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    You know he got Jesus behind the wheel. Ain't nobody better to guide us in life. Thank you for this Lambo And God Sweat Jesus!!
    (Burn out)
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    This could very be Sym with the way he has been perceived so far in the Thread....
    Of course I’m sure he has a Hair Net over his Mustache when compounding.

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    My wife said a package came today. I’m assuming it’s my order. I’m curious to see this packaging lol
  13. JC Grifter

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  14. Tom_Cruze

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    Td today as well, as stated packaging A+. Definitely a pain to get into when you’re excited for the contents lol
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    Do you cycle and pct, or Tom and cruise?
  16. Tom_Cruze

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    Ohhh got me there, actually I am cruising atm. Will be switching up to Sym’s t300 in a few weeks once this last bit runs out.
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  18. TheGinger

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    128 minutes to go from the time of this reply
  19. Thanos33

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    I feel like a kid a Christmas!! I don’t think I can wait that long to order lol
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  20. vvegas

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    Td today. Havent been around in forever but best packaging iv seen (went to open with keys like every other package needed a knife) ta time was as stated when ordered will update with labs if I remember