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    I was down to crack jokes but youre over doing it with your post dude. Sym works hard as fuck on his shit and its pretty disrespectful to shit on his thread for no reason. This shit isn't funny. Should have been funny.
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    If I shoot testosterone straight in my balls will I get bigger faster? I'm trying to find the fasterways to get bigger?
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    Good evening everyone. I hope it has been a productive week thus far for you all.
    A couple of announcements:

    1) It seems like every single package to destinations west of the Mississippi river are delayed. I have no idea why; but they are all in transit. I was a day or two late in sending some packages (I have no idea which ones). That combined with the "arriving late" status has made some packages over 7 days since payment. A portion of this is out of my control; but rest assured you will get the items you ordered.

    2) Please, please, please, please send me a solid and accurate address for shipping. I have had 6 address mistakes; all with errors in the zip code. We have to do better than this. Your freedom, my freedom, and the freedom of the individual you may be shipping to are all at risk by address mistakes. I will send the package exactly to the address you give me. If you give me an incorrect address; I will send it to exactly the wrong place.

    3) I intend to open up to orders again tomorrow night. I will not answer any order emails until 2200 CST tomorrow.

    I am greatly appreciative of the patience you all have allowed me to concentrate on compounding; so that I may have fewer deficiencies in the items you desire. Please believe I have been working on this with every minute I can steal away from my life outside this business.

    Now, back to work for me. Goodnight all.
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    Okay fine I'm going to bed good night... But don't get offended if I pop up again.. I have Asperger's.. good night bodybuilders
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    This is crazy to me!
    I really don’t understand how/why this can happen? I look over my address like 3 times before I hit send! :oops:

    You send your bitcoin and put money out there and then send an incorrect address that could possibly result in losing money... Wow..

    What would you all do if he blacklisted you because of this and the next time you need something you had to go somewhere else? Being you sent a wrong address that’s on you, not the source, and he would be justified, imo, in not resending it free of charge.

    Idk how Symba handles this sort of thing, but I figured I’d throw this out there anyway. :)
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    You're welcome by the way
  8. Gear typically loses its potency when you don’t use it for so long. So really the only way it can be effective now is if you boof it in your asshole.
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  9. Thanks for absolutely nothing. I really mean nothing. Precisely like junior high school babble. If you're satisfied, more power to you...but it's a deep empty hole of pure darkness because you're madness means nothing. Again, nothing.

    Next time, try to think before you speak. Before you type. Consider the footprint you are attempting to leave behind. I imagine you scream foul words at people you've never met while wearing a headset and playing Call of Duty, Fortnite or any myriad of online gaming idiocy. Stand tall or sit down and be silent.

    If you stand tall, do it with at least an ounce of pride and decency. probably won't go away but soon you will be made to because such foolishness is simply a waste of time, breath and life to those of us with deeper ambitions.

    You have no place here. For your own good, stop. Otherwise you are wasting precious time in your own life.

    I expect you'll have a mediocre retort. By all means, go for it. But know it's just another yawn.
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    @GearHead76 let's see what you got. You havent produced anything witty or funny yet. The lines been drawn in the sand, and your up.

    I'm not getting my hope's up, most teenagers arent smart enough to.
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    So hostile here lately. Jeez.
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    Can you post an updated pastbin with the new stock? Looking to put in an order.

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    The pastebin address never changes. Just save it for use then you don’t have to ask for it.

    https ://

    Just remove the extra space after https

    It’s updated.
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    Thanks. I didn’t know that.

    Im not sure that’s its updated though because the same items are showing out of stock that sym indicated would be in stock after his break.
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    Yea. Looks like you are right. EQ is listed as being back in stick on 1/10/20.

    Here I am trying to help Sym out and he’s making me look bad! Hopefully he updates and fixes it before his 22:00 CMT grand re-opening.
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    His 22:00 CST Grand Re-Opening reminds me of like a countdown.
    Remember the “Revolution “ countdown for Myogen? The hype built behind it, pages and pages and then a massive flop. Lmao.
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    That’s what you get for trying to be his rep :D
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    My god. Could you imagine? Answering all his emails with something like:

    “Sorry guys, haven’t heard from Sym in a couple days but no worries, his day job has him fan-boating around the swamps observing the symbiotic relationship between alligators and crawfish. Once he gets back from the bayou I’ll check to see if he has your order ready or if he needs to custom compound it for you.”
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    LMAO, out on the bayou, will reply when back.
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    Am I the only one who thinks it’s a bad idea to comment/speculate on what a source does in their free/work time and where they do it on the open forum? Granted, Sym has volunteered a lot of things(who knows how true any of it is) but the comments in the last few posts re: geography are not anything the Sym has posted about and shouldn’t be posted. Maybe I’m paranoid but it just seems like poor form for all of the handwringing that occurs on this forum over a source’s opsec.