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  1. TNotch347

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    So am I special? Anyone else get batch 2 of test cyp or am I the first? Sym was closed but hooked it up after explaining an issue I had with some other dirty shit that left me limp for a week(not his)
    Mid cycle he jumped on it and knew I was in trouble and Helped me big time. What more can ya say...
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  2. little

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    Sounds like you got a free blowjob
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  3. TNotch347

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    I Did. Twice!
  4. little

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    Hell yeah did you finish?
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  5. JC Grifter

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    You guys are making me jealous lol. I really was expecting my order by today. I’ve such a long day and that would have been a nice treat. Friggen post office is dragging their feet. And yes I gave the right zip code. ;-)
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  6. GearHead76

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    So I've been running Deca at about 2000 milligrams a week my pickle is broken can anybody explain? Oh I forgot to mention I'm running the Nugenix with it.
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  7. SymBiotics

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    I've done what I can with what I have.
    Some things I just removed from the list because they aren't ready yet.
    Sustanon, T-400, and the MCT version of EQ are finished with labels; but my last order of vial seals were for a different size vial. The correct ones should be here soon; and I will add those back to the list.
    Of note: T-400 will be a blend of Test-C and Test-E for batch #2 in an effort to eliminate PIP.
    Winstrol is ready for capsules; but I was sent size 000 capsules rather than 0. They are also on the way and will be added back to the list when available.
    Some new items are also coming:
    I will soon offer DHB, Test-U, Halotestin, and Primo-E. Testing will be done on these first since they are from a new supplier.
    I intend for all finished oils and raws from the new supplier to be sent in for testing by this time next week.

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    Keep going and you'll find your dumbass banned.
  9. B Ware

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    Hell yeah on the primo and halo! Would suggest brewing the primo at least at 150mg to eliminate some pinning as it takes a healthy weekly dose for quite a while to get satisfied results.
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  10. bolder

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    Fancy :D
  11. Tiredandhot

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    Hope you offer the new oils in gso and mct.
  12. GearHead76

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    How about peanut or sesame seed oil
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  14. Sayainproud

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    Anyone running his tren e ? I'm curious how yummy it is ?
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  15. Hulkman62

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    Its quality from what my buddy claims. I've personally been running his ace and I'm satisfied with it!!
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  16. Hulkman62

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    Oh yes I agree lol I had to take a pocket knife to it, then I looked like the kids ripping shit apart on the christmas story movie
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  17. Sayainproud

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    Thank u sir !
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    I am looking for an excellent post a member made here on XMR Monero.

    Searched for Monero in this thread but still cannot find it.

    I am trying to buy XMR and was looking for that post as a guide on a reputable wallet for Monero.

    If you the member or know the post, please shoot me a pm or post the link.

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    I'm surprised you didn't ask for it in Sym's semen. Seriously why do you have such a hard on for this source and thread? You've posted 30+ shit posts in this thread and NOWHERE else in MESO at all. I'm putting your ass on ignore and seriously hope you get help with... actually just fuck off.
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    Fellas who've ordered, how long did it take for td?