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  1. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Jesus man, when is enough really gonna be enough. Seriously, go get some help.
  2. i figure it's more constructive to help him rather than waste a post calling him childish names and telling him to read or use the search function.
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  3. LOLOLOL I saw what you did there 3BG!! DM dic pics to MSG LOLOLOL
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  4. Don't encourage him. He's going to bankrupt the spank bank by putting it out there like that. The art of subtlety gets me higher quality pics. i've been doing this a long time, i know the ins and outs. (Puns all intended)
  5. TNotch347

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    Pinned batch 2 test cyp, 1ml in the thigh. Smooth as butter, no pip. Felt good. GSO version of it.
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  6. dusbjon

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    Anyone order since he opened back up and not heard anything back? Still haven’t gotten an address for payment.
  7. TNotch347

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    Email him again, I’m sure he’s swamped since he opened back up, there was a line longer than a Black Friday Walmart opening it seemed like.
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    I'm hungry too. Will you feed me also?:confused::p:cool:
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    Yo come on @TNotch347 stop steering this thread off track . We are getting to the bottom of how MSG makes his fortunes off of Meso dick picks. From what I'm understanding so far is that MSG dick shamed 3BG about his flaccid penis looking like a clit dick. It was the 3rd most shared pick on instagram. Fuck it 3BG ride the publicity and use it to become an influence! I'm sure there is a thing for that kinda stuff.
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  11. Sitakikupa

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    I ordered the next day after he opened up, received payment info a few hours later.

    Make sure you used protonmail to email him if you haven't already.

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  12. jackmeoff1

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    Yeah, same here, no dice.

    I used proton as well so I’m sure there are no mix ups on my end.
  13. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Wait..... what???

    No, no, no. Time to definitely move this thread back along. Er.... Glad to hear that the Test Cyp pins like butter @TNotch347. Thanks for the review!
  14. Dirty904

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    Ordered Friday and had a response within a couple hours with an address! Make sure the format of the order is correct as well as using the correct email!
  15. jackmeoff1

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    I’ve ordered from him before. I have everything per instructions in his list.

    I’ll give it another day
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  16. TheGinger

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    Emailed and received a reply in hours yesterday.
  17. dusbjon

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    Not my first order, emailed twice also. I’ll try again.
  18. SymBiotics

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    I'm sorry if I failed to reply. It is possible that I opened your message and got distracted before replying.
    Please feel free to email me again if it is more than a day before I answer.
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  19. SymBiotics

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    I have been meaning to post this for days. This was sent to me by another customer who desired to maintain anonymity. Copied and pasted from our email conversation is his injection/dosing schedule:
    "Inject protocol is test enth 300mg/ml. Received on December 27th and injected the next day. Labs completed January 10th. Protocol is 0.4 ml test enth tuesday and Saturday."
    MESO bloodwork #1.jpg
  20. dusbjon

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    Sym took care of it. Appreciate it!
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