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  1. Thats a lot of tren E. What do you run your tren at?
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    Clever Avi. Lol. Did you actually create that or repurpose it? Either way, clever nonetheless.
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    I gotta say, that’s one hell of an explanation. Detailed. Thorough. Good on ya.
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  4. Create lol
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    Well a bunch of other people had the same idea then lol. I use to have that as a profile pic on social media. I like the hoodie. 62B527A5-6ABF-40DF-B5A1-CE07ED872CC1.png
  6. You got me lol
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    why would anyone lie on something so trivial lol.
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    Very telling,,,,,,:(
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    Another smooth TD wit sym, package arrived very quickly even with a holiday in the mix. Customer service is on point if you have any issues with the pack he is more than happy to help resolve the issue. Second go round with him, first time pack took a little longer but that was not Syms fault as I think Usps possibly stuck my pack on the wrong plane. This go round I was shocked how quickly it arrived. Thanks @SymBiotics
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    Why would you flush your integrity and your reputation down the toilet over something so meaningless? If you would lie about this You could lie about practically anything.
    If it isnt right, dont do it.
    If it isnt true, dont say it.
    Marcus Aurelius
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    i remember a couple years back geardup had a lab owner on and he mentioned that tren wasn’t supposed to be that gold color, I don’t remember the exact answer he gave to why but it went along the lines of what you just said, that it was older oxidized raws being cooked.
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    Nothing but a troll. Probably fucking Sworder. LMFAO
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  14. Sounds like that little fucker that has had more handles than i have fingers and toes.

    He's a dumbass kid that knows everything about nothing. He won't be here long.

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    Had a fuckin squirter this morning... pinned the quad must have went thru a vein, aspirated fine, pull out quick and that shit shot like 5 feet lmao. Oil stayed in there so not worried about concentration. Always the quads...this is the 3rd time this happened to me. Rare but happens.
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    Damn never had that on the quads but have it a tad to often than I like with the delts
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    Your post is misleading! o_O

    I read the first few words and was thinking you were gonna be talking about a female. :D

    Come to think about it maybe you wasn’t being misleading, probably just me and how my mind works... goes straight to gutter. :oops:
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    Definitely misleading cause I was thinking the same as the words were coming to the keys lol. Hoping you’d guys realize what I was actually talking about.
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    I've had two bottles of trem e from the same company that came at the same time that the totally different colors and I ran them both behind each other and they were both the same one was piss yellow one was like Amber red
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    Got a TD.
    Fast shipping and very easy ordering process
    The best packaging i have ever seen.
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