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    Any idea on dhb and primo pricing and whether they'll be available in MCT?
  2. I've read so many mixed reviews on DHB. Any experience? I started a cycle of test and mast awhile back and got the flu, so I stopped. I'm planning another cycle in the near future and I'm curious about other compounds. I want to.keep it simple.
  3. Tiredandhot

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    I ran another sources years ago and had to quit because of the pip and swelling.
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    Pack touchdown today. Opsec is everything that it was hyped to be. Very impressed with the timeframe.
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    I finally got my results from Lab4Tox day before yesterday on the two samples that I sent to them and to Janoshik for comparison. The results were very close to each other.
    Of the two, Lab4Tox results were 34 days from send to receive. Jano was much more timely. I don't know if the mail was the issue or it is shipping into their country; but I sent both packages off at the same time. Results below.
    Jano #1.png Jano #2.png L4T EQ PIC.jpg L4T Test-C PIC.jpg
    This EQ raw was diluted with some form of edible oil (vegetable oil). I compounded it and put it in vials but never labeled or released it. I compounded it at 300mg/ml before the results. Multiplying it by 70% would be approximately 210mg/ml. I have a box full of these that I am considering selling for $15 each. If anyone is interested; please let me know. I don't think I will add these to my list. I have injected 4ml of it and have no PIP or other adverse effects.
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    Would you be selling all to get rid of them, or could I tack on 4 to an order I wanna make?
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  7. Because you no backie trackie and do your readie readie. Use the address in the reports he just posted.
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    Yeah I found it and deleted the post haha.
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    Thank you for your diligence in having your products tested.
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    This was value to the community and greatly appreciated. Thank you for doing this. It’s nice to see the analyses by two separate labs are very similar.

    @janoshik has been on his guessing A-game recently!
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    my only complaint about DHB is the amount of oil you pin for a good dose.
    What I mostly noticed about the compound was...
    Much more vascular, better striations, and lower body fat
  12. Awesome testing @SymBiotics is it fair to assume a 12ml vial will have 3.6ml vegetable oil and rest carrier? Also what's the carrier oil? Thx
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    I used grape seed oil.
    Just so it is clear: I didn't dilute the EQ. It came to me that way. It just seemed a bit less viscous than the EQ from my normal supplier when I went to compound it; so that is why I selected it as one of the two I sent in.

    Also, I am not creating labels for this. My label template is for 300mg/ml (also have one for 500mg/ml but that will be far down the road); and I just don't have the time to make labels for this concentration.
    So anyone who buys this will receive it unlabeled. I will make sure it is identifiable though----just no official labels.
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    TD today. I know I am new to the site, but just have to put this out there. First order ever. Amazing service, excellent communication and fast shipping. I will definitely order again. Packaging was incredible.
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    They will both be in MCT, probably with at least one of them containing ethyl oleate. It is still in the works.
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    First TD!! Fucking love it.

    The unofficial rule here though is that you’re supposed to post a picture of the vial between your girls bare tits.

    So yea... welcome to the club. We’re looking forward to that 2nd post with the pic!
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    Wife says no to the bare pic, but was willing to participate somewhat. Best I could get View attachment 124892 20200124_153805.jpg
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    Nice! Are you running EQ and Deca together? I was thinking about giving that a go at some point
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    No, gonna just use the Test and Deca together. Just got the EQ to add to the collection, thinking of doing a cycle later this year that I will use it with.
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    You went there :eek::D
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