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    Edge isn’t a wallet that’s recommended by the XMR community. Basically you have 3 options,
    1. The monero GUI wallet
    2. Cakewallet (IOS only but very reliable and has exchange built in)
    3. Monerujo (Android only)

    If your on IOS I recommend cake wallet because it’s the easiest to use, and if you ever need to exchange XMR back to BTC then it can be done in about 30 seconds inside of the wallet.

    XMR simplified:
    1. Acquire BTC
    3. Pick an XMR wallet and connect to a remote node.
    4. Exchange your BTC for XMR via morphtoken (no personal details or information required, only a VPN since morphtoken is not allowed in the states, like binance)
    5. Once you completed the exchange and your XMR has been sent to your wallet, make sure that it’s fully synced to the block height of that transaction, otherwise your wallet balance will show $0. If your wallet shows $0 but you sent xmr to t, You need to copy and paste your XMR TX ID from morphtoken and type it into the monero blockchain Explorer. Find the block height of the transaction, and then if needed make a new monero wallet and click “restore from block height”. Put the block height from the transaction in and once it syncs it will show the correct balance.

    It takes 20 minutes for each xmr transaction to be fully verified on the blockchain and become spendable, so once you receive a transaction or send a transaction you have to wait 20 mins to use your wallet.

    Sometimes you need to change nodes because your wallet isn’t connecting and syncing the blockchain. Just click on a different node and hit “rescan/reconnect”.

    If you need any other help just pm me, just know that I might not reply for a day or two because I don’t come on meso everyday haha.

    I forgot that there’s another IOS wallet called MyMonero, but I’d seriously recommend cakewallet it will make this 10x more convenient. Also look at the r/monero sub on Reddit if you have some free time.
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    Thanks, very informative. I will use this as a guide

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    Bit quick for the ester to fully saturate but there’s definitely test in there
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    that worked.

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    Curious but it’s saying the email is not found.
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    Try the email on page 202. Post 4027
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    I don’t understand why people can’t just copy and paste the list somewhere else on their phone, email it to themselves, take a screenshot, or print the list out. LOL
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    All good suggestions.

    The url for the pastebin is probably sitting in their history anyway. It’s the same pastebin address all the time.

    Or they can use the handy search feature.

    All shows self-reliance... what big strong steroid using men should take pride in!
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    thank you sir. Much appreciated.
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    Always wanted to know how to use XMR but never had the will power to open google, thank you
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    No problem man, happy to help out where I can. I know in the past I said I would write a guide, but I guess I suck at following through with what I say I’ll do (at least online...).

    I guess since we’re on the topic of privacy and you mentioned google, I’d stay away from it completely if I were you. Some alternative options,
    1. Firefox W/DuckDuckGo.
    2. Brave W/DuckDuckGo (my browser of choice on both mobile and PC).
    3. Tor browser (not functional nor necessary for daily browsing).

    Basically just drop google and replace it with DuckDuckGo. Your privacy goes bye bye the minute you use google.
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    Td today. Best packaging i've seen, had to pull out the switchblade.

    One area of concern, and I will make it clear that no accusation is being made; I am simply looking for an explanation.

    The tren e is not an apparent yellow or orange color, in-fact, it's very clear with only a light tinge of yellow. This raises questions for me, I would like it if this could be explained? Thanks
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    Color isn’t by any means an indicator of quality. Best tren I ever had I brewed from fina pellets and used mct. Was crystal clear. The yellow golden color you’re referring to comes from the amount of heat used during the brewing process. I have noticed if you store your tren for months you will notice that it will darken.

    To ease your mind. His trenE was tested in powder form and then again tested in finished form. I know this because it was what sold me :D

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    If you bought the MCT carrier oil, it will be clear.
  15. A friend of mine picked up some sym tren and it was a nice golden yellow. I panicked at first because I've always heard it is an amber color and I recommended sym. He assured me all the tren he has used was yellow/gold. I know this isn't as good as a feelz report and I know B Ware covered it already, but I figured one more opinion wouldn't stink up the place too bad.
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    I had to ask the same questions of my raw supplier before. Over the last 2-3 years, I have found a very good supplier with products that are manufactured in close proximity to the time I order them. When I began using this supplier, it was my first experience with light colored trenbolones.
    Here is the information I have gathered about the intensity of the gold color in trenbolones:
    1) the age of the raw material makes a significant difference in the beginning color of the solution.
    2) the age of the solution makes a significant difference in the color of the solution.
    3) the application of heat during compounding will make a significant difference in the color of the solution; and
    4) of course the carrier oil will make a significant difference in the color of the solution.

    For my trenbolone products:
    1) they are relatively new raw materials when I receive them.
    2) I compound them as soon as possible after receipt.
    3) I use zero heat on any of my compounds. I can tell you that this consumes a significant amount of time with some things. For example: testosterone cypionate at 16% benzyl benzoate takes almost 60 hours on average to dissolve at room temperature with constant stirring.

    My trenbolones are completely dissolved in benzyl benzoate at room temperature before the addition of carrier oils. Sometimes the hormone will precipitate at the time the carrier oil is introduced; so I just wait again.
    My rationale is that the application of heat and, more to the point, haste will negatively effect the efficacy or user experience of what I am trying to sell and use for myself.
    I do have trenbolones in my personal supply that have gotten darker over the months. I do not know the effect this has on the product; but it is obvious that some change occurs over time. This would be a question better suited for a chemist than a biologist.

    I can tell you that the trenbolone you received from me was manufactured 23 days before I received it and compounded by me the day after I received it; and it was dissolved at room temperature over greater than 24 hours.
    Beyond these things, your guess is as good as mine regarding color variations.

    Now for something that I am completely stumped by: my tren-A in MCT is darker gold than in GSO. Both were made from the same KG of raw material and dissolved on the same day. I can say for certain that, in this situation, the color is meaningless in determination of the presence or concentration of hormone.

    I hope that is helpful.
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    I hope you all are having a great week. I sincerely thank you for the amount of business and trust I have been given with orders thus far. I will continue to do my best to meet the needs here to the best of my abilities. It was a long day. Goodnight all. My list will follow:

    <script src=""></script>
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    I appreciate the very in-depth explanation; all worry is alleviated on my end. Very professional handling.

    One unimportant question when you get the time: I noticed you use creatine monohydrate as the filler for orals; Rough estimate on how much creatine per cap? Seemed like a pretty neat idea to me
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    Hi Sym, can you please give us the latest update on testing of any finished products? Thanks.
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