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    I was going to bring up the point of it needing to be shaken before each use, but didn’t figure he was that stupid to not do that. Plus, I presume it’s printed right on the bottle.
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    Yup. Says “shake well before use” right on the front lol
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    Man, @Elroy Jetson is a "federal ATF special agent". He would know all this...

    He's also Batman

    And on every other weekend, he's Wonder Woman!
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    It only turns you blue permanently
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    Hey symbiotics i sent payment couple days ago just wanted to make sure everything is good, excited to try your gear
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    You won't get a reply on weekends.
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    Yes colloidal silver can turn you blue but from what I understand is you really have to take a good amount for that to happen. My wife hasn’t turned blue yet so I guess that’s a good sign.
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    Another TD for me. Landed in 5 days after order. Packaging great as always. Blast off time.
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    I should have been more clear what it was that I was saying. I had meant that different bottles seem dosed differently. Not that the product in a single bottle was inconsistent.

    Im not even really upset as I know AI and serm are usually best to be pharm grade. I just wanted to see if anyone else had experienced this. I do have the labs to back this all up.
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    Everyone has to do something. Even be the janitor right bro?
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    Ah, so you come on here pretending to be someone with inside info and you’re really just a janitor?
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    Post them
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    He doesn’t have anything but the feelzzzz. How the fuck does he go thru “multiple” bottles of adex?

    Hey @Elroy Jetson. Post Bloods. And tell us how you’re dosing everything. I guarantee you fucked your estrogen.
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    Yeah opening more than one bottle strikes me as a strange thing to do. Let's see the blood work @Elroy Jetson .

    Anyone see this article?
    US Postal Service could shut down by June, lawmakers warn
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    Anyone see this article?
    US Postal Service could shut down by June, lawmakers warn[/QUOTE]

    Wow. I think the government will provide them whatever they need before they would ever close down. I mean, USPS has been losing money for years, I remember an article years ago talking about them needing money to stay afloat.
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    Hello all.
    I typically do not engage in this business on the weekends; but I need to provide an update:

    Travel has been restricted between my residence and my lab (actually to one of my jobsites too) pending additional documentation allowing me to do so. I have been attempting a workaround for this since about 1800 Wednesday.
    I cannot go there until my documentation is delivered.
    If you have been paying attention to orders and the earlier conversation in this thread; you will understand where the issue lies. I really cannot say more on the specifics of the issue.

    This will resolve on Monday after the mail is delivered; and I am taking time off from my job to complete the orders I have been kept from.

    So this message is to inform anyone who ordered Wednesday and later that there will be a delay of approximately 5 days to usual shipping times.

    Usual shipping times have already suffered somewhat, in a random fashion. I have experienced packages sitting for 1-3 days since 2 weeks ago. This is a result of: 1) reduction in staff in the area shipping service; which was largely due to panic after a courier tested positive; and 2) truly massive volumes of items being ordered from online merchants since store closures in the area.
    It has been overwhelming to the service here.

    All of this is to say that many packages will be delayed; but they will, for sure, be delivered.
    This is completely beyond my control; but I apologize for the inconvenience just the same.

    I am happy to track packages individually; but please know that it takes considerable time to do so. Therefore shipments will be delayed further if I spend excessive time tracking them.
    I completely understand the frustration and anxiety associated with waiting for something longer than expected. I am experiencing the same in receipt of my personal shipments.

    In all, please just know that you will most certainly receive your orders as soon as I can possibly make it happen.

    Thank you all for reading this.
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    The USPS won't get any government help either. Too many politicians want it to go private. Republicans if I remember correctly.
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    They got a 10 Billion loan from COVID stimulus, but that's like placing a bandaid with cute cartoon characters on a gunshot wound. They're over 200 Billion in debt and need massive re-structuring!

    Honestly they can start by getting rid of most paper mail pieces including EDDM and level up with Fedex & UPS in terms of parcel rates and sizes. Get rid of mailboxes and just have door to door service to allow massive cuts in staffing. It's like pennies, no one gets excited to receive it anymore.

    Its gonna take a miracle plus more to save their asses...
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    I would love more than anything to post a video of my process of filling oral suspension containers; but I will attempt to explain it here:

    After my calculations are made and volumes/weights are measured out: the suspension is mixed in a batch of 3L to 5L with a high shear homogenizer at 9300RPM. The mixture is completely homogenous at that point.
    After homogenization, an overhead mixer is inserted in place of the homogenizer to prevent any potential settling of the suspended solid while filling containers.
    A remote suction tube for a very expensive bottle top dispenser is clamped in to the suspension while it is still mixing.
    All bottles are filled while the batch is still actively mixing.

    Impossible is a word I use very sparingly; but it it very very improbable that one bottle's contents are dosed differently from any of the others.

    With that out of the way:
    I do agree that you should purchase these items form major pharmaceutical companies. I feel like I am meticulous and skilled at making these products; but I know I will never be able to match the accuracy and repeatability of multimillion dollar companies. I just do not have the needed equipment.
    I have said in this thread, and in many private communications, that I would rather see people buy AI and SERM medications from someone who sells legitimate pharmaceutical products. I offer them more for those who shop in "convenience" and would not purchase them if they had to go elsewhere.

    This is the very first complaint I have heard about my AI medication products or diamond cutter; and I have sent out a lot of them.
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    I thought I had read that they got nothing from the recent bill. My bad.