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    All good, they shouldn't get shit. You're right about politicians wanting it to go private and it should. Let Amazon acquire them and restructure it. Fuck the continuous bailout crap for poorly ran corps/quasi corps...

    Sorry @SymBiotics, rant over and thanks for the update...
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    Disregard what this clown says. Dude claimed he’s with one of the alphabet groups and now he’s pretty much admitted he’s just a janitor.

    Edit - and by “just a janitor,” I mean nothing derogatory toward that profession - I mean it toward HIM personally for coming in here claiming to be something he’s not.
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    It’s ok. @Elroy Jetson is just here to amuse us. He’ll scamper of today or tmrw and we won’t hear from him for a month and then he’ll be back with some new drah-muh.

    He’s a special agent too by the way. You can see our government only employs the best and brightest. I’m surprised Delta Force hasn’t snagged him up as an operative yet. Unless NASA might have first dibs on for an astronaut. Oh hey, that’s it. That explains his handle!

    He’s gonna be the very first special agent, secret forces, spaceman when he grows up.
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    You guys always amuse. I was taking shots at bbbg with my janitor comment. He’s always here safeguarding his financial interests. Figured he mustn’t do anything important at work. And also regardless if a guy is LE or not isn’t the point. What is is the gear.
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    Thanks for the update. Stay safe and healthy
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    Post your blood work
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    My financial interests here? You got me Special Agent. Absolutely.

    No, if you read or look back thru my post history I support members first. There’s only two I haven’t and it’s YOU and your ass-clown buddy @balco. I hate guys like you. You raise shit with the source because of your own stupidity. It’s bad for the community and makes it harder for the guys with actual legitimate complaints.

    Post your proof (blood tests) and change my mind, bro.

    You don’t have them.

    You should get one if you’re having boner problems man. I’ll bet it’s that you CRASHED your estrogen. Get the blood test so you know for next time.

    That last part is actual good advice I’m giving you so don’t let your Assbergers get in the way of seeing it.
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    Spoken like a true janitor
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    It’s custodial artist, not janitor. Lol
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    Probably the type of janitor who snoops through office docs at night and tells everyone at the bar he's working a "big case" instead of focusing on his damn AI dosing...
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    Sniffing all the farts out of all the office chairs
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    LMFAO, that’s rich!
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    Wow. I think the government will provide them whatever they need before they would ever close down. I mean, USPS has been losing money for years, I remember an article years ago talking about them needing money to stay afloat.[/QUOTE]

    It’s ridiculous that USPS loses money while UPS and Fed X turn a profit. USPS has 1/3 of all Amazon deliveries. I realize email has put a dent in their revenue but that isn’t the reason for them needing to get bailed out.
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    This is the same organization that lost $3.9 B in 2018. How long do you keep bailing out a failed organization?
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    It’s federally ran, of course it loses money.
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    They should lay off the top-heavy over the hill lazy fat fucks (half of the postal employees) and simply deliver the mail every other day. I don’t need to get mail every day. And the people that want mail everyday can get a PO Box. Problem solved Mr Trump.
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    Junk mail always arrives daily. I've been waiting on a priority mail pack for two weeks now. Explain that???
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    Everything you said plus I’m sure the pensions are top heavy as well.
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