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    Welcome back Cdn
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    Ha ha no I assure you I am not CDNguy. It would take a lot for me to fly off the handle. Some of the stuff I read from him he definitely seemed to go off the deep end. I have lurked here for about the past year and decided to make an account. I tend to try and help in the homebrew section as that's where I feel most of my knowledge is. I think Meso is a good board and like all boards there are some really great members and some trolls. This being an unmoderated forum there is definitely a lot smack talk which is fine by me.

    I laughed at BBBG's "rewards program" and all I could picture was Sym handing out rewards cards like CVS or the grocery stores. Every purchase you get some points and could order things like t-shirts or ash trays with Symbiotics logo's on them. Back in the day when my dad was alive he smoked camel cigarettes and would get "Camel Cash". He would always order me shirts, tins full of matches and even a pool stick.

    I was just poking some fun at the whole TGI fiasco. I only read probably the last 50 pages of that thread but it turned into a shit show.
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    Get well
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    @Meterman05 , you same one that used to be over on Pro Muscle as a rep for Pompeyo?
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    Yes same one. That was a stupid decision I did for a couple months for discounted gear. I stopped when he left promuscle. I haven't been on PM for a while now. I saw that he is on BoP and was on ASF for a short time.
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    Ya, some shit hit the fan with him as you might have heard. I ordered some pharma things and that went smooth. I pop into P.M. every now and then just to catch up on some articles, some decent information there at times. Nice to see ya here.
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    Wish you the best with a fast recovery Sym.
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    Your response alone pretty much convinced me.
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    Hey SymBiotic,

    I just wanted thank you for the excellent customer service and product quality that I have purchased from you, I am very happy and pleased from the results.

    I gotten my blood work done running you Test Cyp and sdol. I know you offer store credit and wanted to take advantage of this! Thanks once again.

    Link to post - Symbiotic Testosterone Cyp
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  10. Great bro gotta love Sym!
  11. Best of luck brother
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    That story is harder than titanium.
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    @SymBiotics , sorry to hear about the health obstacles you’re currently faced with. Hope your road to recovery goes smooth.
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    Wishing the best for you Sym
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    God issues affecting 2 quality domestic UGLs here on MESO....
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    Dat ass
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    Pompeyo sent a mass email stating that if you did not include your board handle, you would not be allowed to order......sounds like selective scamming but c'mon man they would never do that. So much for remaiming anonymous....SMH
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    Yeah, that's a big no from me and a lot of others. I don't know why anyone would even do that.
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    Sym I think anyone who has any remote of compassion will understand and respect u brother, so take ur time heal up the cumminty needs srcs and guys like you and who care about the quailty they put out... Take ur time heal up and get ur sense back mentally and physically brother... I hope the best for u stay positive brother , u seem to be positive and have a great attitude, just make sure not to come back to quick and over push urself to quickly. Take ur time, I would believe most of us if not all of us can understand what u went through. Recovery is extremly important... I don't so much believe in God but I do believe in a higher power so I'll keep ya in my prayers
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    Those are the best, well I also need a big enough cock for the two hand twist lol haha, nothing like a nice deepthroat job too
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