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    Aye-ya-aye me soooo stooooopid!

    Yea, I see we are going by the feelzzzzz report both before the expiration and after the expiration. Like a fine wine, I can totally tell the difference between 250 mg Test and only 200 mg Test. My bonerzzz aren’t as good when the Test isn’t as potent.
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  2. The feelz report generally comes back on the tren and Prop both of which are fairly easy to tell if they are working.
  3. I'm thinking of doing another giveaway for MESO something like a $250 gift card.

    The idea is that everyone in the community can vote for another member to receive the prize but you cannot vote for yourself. An election kind of thing you could say.

    Has anything like this been done before?
  4. As far as i know, that's never been done. Though you have to take into account that there are members with an untold number of alternate handles that could shit up the contest pretty quickly.

    Then again, a bunch of supposed one post noobs voting for the same member could paint an interesting and potentially revealing picture of how honest some of our members are.

    i like it. i also vote for @MisterSuperGod

    God damn it! i thought i was signed in as @HIGHRISK .
    Cancel that vote please. :D

    HIGHRISK Member

    I am home alone all this week. I’m we are. I mean you no wait me. Fuck it
  6. All new Malay Tiger stock is being uploaded this weekend.

    You can use the code MESO for 15% off your entire order
  7. Taking that into consideration the contest will have some criteria for users to be eligible to vote.

    We will definitely be running something for the community this month so if anyone has some ideas feel free to let us know..
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  8. We have had some interesting feedback on the Malay Tiger gear. We will be releasing more pictures soon here
  9. EMAIL.jpg

    You can find all of our current special offers right HERE on one easy page

    Test P from Noszkar is on sale for only $35

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    That reminds me of that Pirates of the Caribbean scene where they were voting for the leader pirate or something and everyone was voting for himself
  11. Classic!

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    I'm extremely interested as long as the price is right, depenent on the product I think a 60-70% discount is warranted. There's no incentive to buy expired gear at a 30% discount IMO.
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    Use's service.
  14. We sell Alliance Healthcare expired Gear - any 3 boxes for $120

    You can use the code 2515 for 15% off
  15. That's a hefty discount you're suggesting. It's not like the hormone immediately goes inactive once the expiry date has passed.

    Shit, DrugsGear doesn't give you shit for a discount if something has expired. He just sends it and you're stuck with it whether you like it or not.

    i'd take 30% all day. Even 25% is still a great deal if the product is of high quality.
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  16. balco

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    Maybe I'm being greedy, but I figure it makes sense since they would have to trash the expired gear if no one buys it. Now that I think about it 50% discount would be fair depending on how old the hormone is.

    Edit: yeah, I'm glad I never used drugsgear, all I ever hear about them is negative.
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    Of course you’re being greedy. You’re also going to bitch and complain that the expired gear is messed up or something and ask for a full refund.

    You bounce from source to source to take advantage of the situation. You can’t just stick with one single source? By my count this is your 10TH or 11th source in a little over a year.
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  18. Because the Alliance gear only expired between March and August 2019 we're currently selling it at between 20-30% off.

    Usually we would sell them at $50 - $60 and currently it's up for between $35 - $50.

    The quality of the gear is top class, in fact many customers who've regularly used Alliance have taken the opportunity to stock up for future cycles. We probably had 100 boxes of Alliance Test Cyp at the start of the month and we're down to our last 3 now. Once it's gone it won't be back.
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    Hey Fella's, wondering if anyone has ordered the Test C from their website and if so which brand? Also how was the gear? I know @ScruffMcBuff has order Test from here but wondering if anyone else has and what your experience was? Gonna be a new/first time order for me.
  20. I believe @SpicyGains321 posted some bloods too on the Test, not sure which brand it was though!
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