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    Just wanted to mention had a issue with my order and they stood behind it 100% it was unbelievable smooth it was like dealing with Wal-Mart (or M&S) without the long lines or crying children I will continue to buy from them.
  2. Cheers Dax, you were also very easy and professional to deal with.


    Our new website is close to completion and we have a variety of new brands of orals and injectable arriving. We will also be selling 10ml vials along with our 1ml ampoules.
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  3. Who would like to see a new page on our new site which shows the whole product list in a grid view? instead of having to scroll down and add items to cart manually how it is now. Give us feedback and we will improve your experience guys!
  4. Code:
    The new website is live!

    Brand new gear such as NPP, Parabolan, Salbutamol and Aqua Winstrol.
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    I have an issue with my order. I ordered 4 hcg but only received 3 boxes. Who can i contact? @TheAnabolicStore
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    Maybe the email they provide on their website or even online chat? I dunno
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    I’m honestly more concerned since this is my first run in with hcg. i’m looking to attempt a power pct but not sure how the mixing process works as it came in ampules.
  8. I will have the missing HCG sent out to you on monday along with a vial and syringes for storage.
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    Thank you!
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    Compounds available
    • Test Prop
    • Test Enanthate
    • Test Cyp
    • Sustanon
    • tren Enanthate
    • Tren Ace
    • Tren Hex (Parabolan)
    • Deca
    • NPP
    • equipoise
    • masteron
    Orals available
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  11. Alliance Healthcare - Any 3 for $120

    1. Test P
    2. Sustanon
    3. tren A
    4. Deca
    5. equipoise
    All Alliance products are a few months expired.

  12. We hope you guys are enjoying our new site and we have received much feedback on it. We were asked about the domain change, we would like to remind you that .com and the .store version are both us and it will just redirect you anyway!

    Dont forget to use the discount code for the new site.
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