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    You gotta keep up homie, Nandrolone and its mixes are sold out and he is already making customers, namely that mongoloid Tony
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    @Omegistosalex, and all other
    Talk to you you have nothing like evidence NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING You are NOT AWARE how you look at WOMEN, your MOM has ABANDONED you? You have no PROOF of stock? But do you have PROOF that he has no stock? Read the first page, THUN BIOTECH talks about the NEXT molecule to come, you're like a HORSE with blinkers, but you're a PONEY or a farmer donkey give up that mom ... Look in the mirror, you're sick you still believe that communism will invade the usa? Going little pony I know who you are now PERVERS MAN. THUN BIOTECH IS A TRUE SOURCE THAT IS EVOLVING IN THE RIGHT SENSE, VERY GOOD TESTO AND NPP, SOON LABORATORY RESULT FOR PROOF, NEXT ORDER THESE DHB AND MIX TESTO BOLDO ..... SOURCE VERY SAFE EUROPEAN. I AM CLIENT AND NOT FRIEND, PM IF YOU WANT MORE EVIDENCE
  3. Shut up you dumb bitch.
  4. Toni72

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    @M. Tugboat,
    Me and my Sicilian family will come to say hello, you know very well that we are well in place near you little pony on all fours, wait, there is light at your neighbor's no?
    Apprenez à prononcer
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    Are you making threats now, gearwhore?
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    So much fun reading Toni’s comments. You really are a source whore tho.
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    Yeah I’ve read every post... THUN is so full of shit it’s coming through his fingers onto every post he makes. Gonna start calling him Shit Fingers! :D

    @Toni72 its up to @THUN BIOTECH to prove he’s a legit source and not a scamming piece of shit! He has not even came close to prove anything other than a scam waiting to happen! That’s on him, so I’d advise you take a step back and stop taking up for this source! It’s his responsibility to prove himself, NOT YOURS! o_O
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    Oh he promised you more freebies?
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  9. M. Tugboat

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    It's a shame that your mother dropped you on your head enough times to be this retarded but not enough times to put you in a coma
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  10. You can fuck off with him
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  11. That last part makes no sense, but i still can't stop laughing. You made my day. Thank you.
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    I’ve officially put my book away for the next few days in favour of reading this thread. The drama here blows anything a paperback can deliver way out of the water. It the perfect combination of outrage and baiting.

    Quality trolling on behalf of @THUN BIOTECH , keep up the good work


    Don't get why Slantmelons liked this post tho'


    Transparency report: My posts as the thread owner comprise of 19,5% of this thread while 78% of the posts are made up by 10 shills circle jerking, namely:

    Iron Vett
    M. Tugboat

    • they get no likes by anyone else
    • they always like each others posts
    • they engage in pseudo discussions with each other
    • they collectively attack any divergent opinions
    • they bait and posthunt

    Always keep this in mind and observe what they will do after this post…
  15. Once again, proving your idiocy.

    Check his post history within your own thread.

    Luckily you're too stupid to even realize how much of a retard you are.

    It's an insult, that was obviously too high up for you
    Sarcasm was too fucking high for you?

    Now on disappointed, I was hoping you had half a brain.
    Turns out I overestimated you.
    Fucking Donkey
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    This is amazing @THUN BIOTECH. Finally a post of yours that I can agree with and like.
  17. Well said!
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  18. Omegistosalex

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    Soooo everyone posting except tony is a shill trying to attack you?


    Thundertits is a scammer. No proof of anything. He mixes in a bathtub. If you have issues with an order he will call you names and tell you to fuck off. Only proof of stock he has is a crate with 10 vials of test, one even being photoshopped.

    0 sales so far
    2 vials given to a retarded shill
    10 blowjobs his mom has given to meso members
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    Now let’s like each other’s posts.

    I don’t think @THUN BIOTECH realizes that his asinine post is going to torch this thread.

    He just invited 10 guys to take up residence here. And we are horrible guests. We aren’t house broken, we’ll overstay our welcome, eat all his food, and as his house burns, only then will we walk off into the sunset... obligatory explosion at the end.
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  20. Done!
    I'm like a gremlin.
    You cant feed me or give me any attention, bad idea.

    I'm actually getting a decent bit of enjoyment our of trashing this thread.
    This guy is an asshole.

    Before I leave... the obligatory....


    Better :rolleyes: