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  1. Intriguing.

    I just realized that the hacker who came back under the handle ElectroMass liked @THUN BIOTECH's introduction posts.

    Millard banned the account when he admitted to being the hacker in another thread.

    Coincidence? I think not.
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    Would the maths count that as -2 sales then?
  3. bolder

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    Hey dumbass, you don’t own this thread! We do! Get your facts straight! You are an unwelcome guest here!
    When you call out someone the least you could do is tag us! You know; like this... @THUN BIOTECH !! o_O
    I did like how you made up percentages and put us in alphabetical order to look smart though... fuckin dumbass! :rolleyes:

    Dumbass report: o_O
    • THUN Biotech is 100% a DUMBASS!

    You can try and put all the blame on everyone else but in reality this is all on you.
    The list of members you posted are the guys that try to hold sources accountable! These guys where here before you came and will be here long after you get your ass ran off from here!

    We will be waiting and watching for the next dumbass source that comes in here, just like you have, and run their sorry ass out of here too! :mad:
  4. Youre like Batman
    But for dipshit sources
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    I didn't make the list..... :(
  7. M. Tugboat

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    Stick around, shitting on Thun is easier than photoshopping vials on the wilderness
  8. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Yeah, beat it. If you’re not a shill for a competing lab apparently you’re not allowed in this thread. He sure as fuck doesn’t have any customers here.
  9. i still want to know which source i shill for, seeing as how i haven't used a Meso source in 2 years and the one i did use is long gone.

    i'm the phantom shill. Shilling for a lab that doesn't exist. Or maybe i'm just a member that doesn't appreciate some bag of wind coming in here acting like a VIP.
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  11. He's eyeballs deep searching for snippets of text to make it look like we're all in cahoots, protecting a source. Which source? Nobody knows, not even the so called shills know.
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  12. gearwolf

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    you wanna join me in shilling for this lab?
  13. Omegistosalex

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    he is now probably taking of the thun labels off and putting the new ones for this friday, BUN LABS, the new pharma source from denmark
  14. I will give my full endorsement for this lab.
    The goodest of labs
    the goodest of boys!
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  17. Omegistosalex

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    He will come up with a new name most likely, but guess what, the asshole demeanor will uncover him

    Btw special credits to Tony, his shilling put a nice gravestone on this "source"
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    post mortem post: I would've loved a decent german source around, if only he had handled his lab & self properly here or shown remorse at any point.
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  19. @Toni72 you're already cheating on Thunder Tits with Pharmasource? You little whore.

    Guess those bloods you were supposedly getting are now null and void.

    You really shit the bed this time.
    Adolph will be furious when he learns of this revelation. He'll undoubtedly send the Luftwaffe to rain down hell from above.

    Good job, dude. You have the blood of the innocent on your hands now.
  20. M. Tugboat

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    Really love the quoted name thing you did