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    I am so happy that my efforts are appreciated and don’t go unnoticed!! I will now try to double my efforts of letting all others know what a dick you are and that you can’t be trusted to order from because they can expect that same shitty attitude towards any problems that may arise in their order.

    Do not buy from this source!!!!

    Any problem that arises with your order will obviously be your fault and you’ll get the international peace sign (middle finger for the foreigners in here) and a hearty fuck you from old Thun Bitch.

    Do not buy from this source!!!!
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    Sorry. I just scrolled back over the last four pages and the only posts that aren’t full of likes are Toni’s and Thunder Bitch’s post. Looks like you’re really working to earn that liar part of the complaints against you.

    Oh by the way. Welcome to Meso

    Now gtfo!!!
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    @THUN BIOTECH it's not your fault that you are the way you are.

    I blame your mom. She stayed home and raised you but she didn't have enough love in her heart for you.

    She couldn't stand your constant crying. So she would pick you up and stick you in your crib for hours at a time. Little baby thun biotech would scream out for his mom but she ignored him, just turning the volume up louder for her afternoon soap operas.

    Little baby thun biotech grabbing the top rail of his crib jumping up and down in hysterics yelling "mom-meeeeeeeEE!!!!" and then only getting quiet when he crouched in the corner of his crib, making a grimace, as he shit his diaper. Exhausted he'd fall asleep soiled, knowing that mommy wouldn't be there to change his diaper for several hours.

    Then mom would come in and change his diaper, constant badgering of "what a BAD baby he was". Years went by of the same treatment. Baby thun biotech never feeling loved or cared for.

    Yes, this is why @THUN BIOTECH has grown to be the failure he is today. Things would have been different if mommy hugged him, loved him, and changed his diapers for him more frequently.

    We all feel sorry for you @THUN BIOTECH
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    How many ccs of 666mg per 0ml should I inject before I will notice gains?
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    ALL OF IT!!! Pin it to win it!!
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  7. Typical defense. A shitty source calling his detractors shills. Put up or shut up, Adolph.

    Show the proof that anyone on your list is working for another source.

    Deflection and more stupidity coming from Adolph in 3... 2... 1...
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    but Thun, other than that retarded kid incapable of producing a coherent sentence or thought in any language, noone has posted positively about your into/lab/gear amongst the 19 pages we are up to - and I don't mean that there's a tiny fraction of users drowned by your 'haters', I mean literally zero people, which might be a record for any lab that showed up on meso.

    there's obviously no saving your business here, so why are you still here? wouldn't it be more efficient to quit, relabel your entire 10 vials you've produced in total and start anew, but this time represented by someone... representable?
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    by his logic everyone asking for proof and then telling him he is shitty for not providing it is a shill, I like how he completely gave up trying to even be half decent or make any sales. He just comes in and insults us, well kiddo ok we are insulted by a retard online, big deal, I have some fun then go on about my day, in the meantime you just stare at the piss bottles you have under your bed that remain unsold, if you really have them at all of course..
  10. Omegistosalex

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    You shills should really coordinate in a better way that you dont contradict each other when defending your sources.

    But no big deal :rolleyes:
  12. Uh, some people react differently to carrier oils? Some people get lumps from MCT oil or GSO as well. Are they toxic?

    You really are a stupid fuck.
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    lol this kid thinks we coordinate with a plan against him, you are just SHIT, S H I T, you replied to nothing and only curse left and right, why would anyone buy anything from such an idiot? test is so easy to find kid, if I search online there are a billion retards like you selling gear, the thing is that I buy from guys that were vetted and also from guys I know personally locally, test is test, not hard to make, everyone has test, but not everyone is a retard like you, and by the way you act we presume that everything is fishy about you as you refuse for example to show your equipment, why do you refuse? is it dirty and shity? you refuse to test and show your raws? why are they dirty and stored on fruit crates? a good reply to shut us up would be: here is my lab you idiots and boom a nice shiny lab, here are my raws: boom nice raws stored along with testing results, everything else is just bull
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  14. Omegistosalex

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    also the way you react here shows how you act in general when things are not as you want, so let's say you sell some stuff to a guy and the vials brake, he comes here and posts, I guess you would doxx him right? or cuss him out and threaten him, this is what I take from your behaviour
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  15. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Just because miglycol is irritating to some doesn’t mean it’s toxic. Surely YOU of all people can understand that.

    I am very certain your wife can’t stand you for a large majority of the day when she looks at you as an emasculated failure, but that doesn’t make you a toxic substance.
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  16. Just as i figured. i really shouldn't be surprised. You've been all talk since post #1.

    You're about 20 pages in now. Where are all your satisfied customers at?

    Let me guess, they're too afraid to post in the open, so they PM you to tell you what a great job you're doing and that you should ignore the source bashers, right?
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    I like this fancy way of yours that simply says Thunder Tits is a dick.

    Sometimes it’s all about the presentation
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    I get massive painful lumps through Subq GSO.

    Does that mean GSO is toxic?

    Why are you grasping at straws?
    Actually I take that back.

    I enjoy seeing you squirm and struggle.
    Keep going

    Call all of us meso guys "Faggots" and whatnot again.
    Maybe someone other than @Toni72 will buy something if you have a big enough temper tantrum.

    Please dont leave, I'm having too much fun

    wait, I forgot.. you gave @Toni72 free test to shill.
    So technically zero sales.
    You are actually negative 2 vials of test.
    Such a successful venture you've had here
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    Wow... @THUN BIOTECH you are truly a cocksucker. I can't believe you tried to be a businessman when clearly you are an incompetent piece of shit. Your responses...well they're to be expected from a scamming piece of shit such as yourself. We've seen them before... whoa there!!! You have @Toni72 liking your stuff???? And @balco liking your posts??? Two of the biggest dipshits on Meso!! What a joke. I'm sure you can find another board that would appreciate you....well no probably not since your a prick. But nice I can't even say that. Fuck you.
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    Lol balco is here? Totally missed that gem
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