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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by tileguy123, Feb 28, 2015.

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    19 and 16 grams here so about twice the size.. Nasty shit..
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    holy fuck JB.. no joke you was rolling with a ounce god damn!!!!
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    Your sincerely Welcome Millard Baker I hope to encourage those that have dealt with this to take the next step. Provided my outcome is good. gyno as ive stated it almost more mentally dibilitating that physically. Not one woman has ever noticed on me,and guys still have trouble seeing it in my before pics. its there.. but sometimes we are our own worst enemies.

    if you need me or JB to compose a more brief thread/sticky for mens health on our experiences just let either of us now. .. not to speak for Johnny at all, but he paved it foward for me to get this done by sharing his experiences ...
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    Man i hope the doc got it all .. i heard it can disguise some of itself stuck to the back of the areola... revision sounds like a pile of shit.
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    ive been cleared to ditch the ace, and switch to Small compression UA shirt.. . need to pick a small up..everything round here is XL ... lol
  6. Hopefully you can put this behind you and get back to bodybuilding soon,
    and I know you will , Goodluck ~Ogh
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    I'm subbed in. Probably have to go the same route as you tile. Had it from a young age as well. AAs just made it way worse. Puffy just like yours no matter what.
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    OregonGearHead thank u my friend .. Taking a well deserves vacation from the weight room office .. Soon enough. Was doing calf presses at home standing today ...

    Naturalkon I'm sorry to hear the news ... Fking dreaded saucer nips. Such a shame I used to have the most perfect small nips ... Till 15, 16 y/o and wham i want skinny to fat to skinny . No loose skin just gyno from then on . Ssri medication to blame for the weight gain for sure. But happens to joe smoes all the fking time during puberty . Sucks ass . Least mine n urs aren't unilateral .. Fuck having one normal one wierd . It's like get ur shit right tits

    Here's meh new compression garment i choose out image.jpg
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    Yep probably was the damn zyprexa or depacote those damn doctors put me on at 16. Blew up 30 lbs. Was always skinny before it. Oh well maybe I'll get it done. You ever look into insurance covering it since it wasn't primarily caused by aas
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  10. Looks like Superman (w/ tatts) to me ....you wear it well ! ;)
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    That's a great idea. The threads posted by you and @johnnyBALLZ with first-person experiences are very informative. I'll message you both.
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    Is this covered by insurance if not does anyone know the out of pocket cost?
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    2-6 grand. Depending on the dr
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    I was on both if those ssri and like ten more lol. Thank god we don't have diabetes from
    It honestly . Those quacks have sometimes no idea what there doing . Boys have hormones at puberty they don't need pschyotropic meds for anger , and depression . They need love and discipline . Fucking pathetic .
    Insurance no ... This is the first year in 17 years I've had coverage . Theresa evidence supporting if u cry wolf enough And it's glandular insurance may cover . But then a primary or regular or surgeon could be passed the case not a plastic cosmetic surgeon . I went with a plastic surgeon and coughed up less than an Obama care deductible. However my peace of mine isn't great as it would be had I had a leading gyno surgeon do it for 5-10k I might be sleeping better right now ... Apparently u have to Wait a few months for everything to settle so mind is running durig that time and if u cheap out than you'll prolly second guess everything and mind fuck it like me lol.

    Thanks bruh!! Went way tighter than I would of .. Who knows maybe I'll wear it thou ... Can't imagine what I'll look like on cycle in this .. Ridiculous I'm sure

    Do that , any way I can help
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    I thing US 550 in India . Something to Look into .

    Low price : 2000 and up

    Medium : 3500-5

    Upper range better be some Beverly Hills blow job with it : 5-10 k
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    If I could choose one doc it's that doc that's wrote books on it... I believe maybe doctor balue or something in eastern USA .. Upstate maybe . Done a fuckload of bbers and has paved the way . Lots of documented before and after with guys built like us .. But I think it's 7500 for local gland excision ..he apparently does like a 20th of the entire nations gyno cases a year so say 1000 x 7500 =7500000.00. Fuck me he's just killing it .. Got be such a easy procedure .. Cut under the nip and yank that gland the fuck out ... Like a child coming out the vajayjay no less

    1. Dr. Mordcai Blau, MD - gynecomastia Center New York NYC
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    Im not getting mine in india. ;)
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    You should look into that roller thing... Its like a small paint roller but the thing is made outta wood. Spost to help work out the crap from the area and sit the skin down. A couple surgeons i saw suggested starting it 2-4 weeks post op.
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    ive got some palm roller type massage balls, and i will massage the shit out of em once i can...
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    Here's a good before op pic in the sun and heat pool side . Heat will make puffy nips more puffy .

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