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    Interesting—thanks bro. I don’t burn easily but had never considered it would give that benefit.
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    Has anyone had a problem with stoppers from titter? I've had 3 now drop little pieces of silicone or whatever they are into the vials. All 3 test cyp. I assumed I just used the same spot in the stopper on the first ,then second I was more careful but now by the 3rd I dont know I've gone in the center a few times and around the edge a few and still having same issue. Only doing .5 at a time every other day with tren ace, also titters. I like short Ester tren better so I break it up this way. Any feedback be appreciated. Didnt make the list but ordered a stock pile before he went private so this was all ordered last year.
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    I’ve had no stopper issues and I lanced the test Cyp quite a bit. Even did a stopper test on the NPP for that idiot balco. I was doing 25mgs a day of Tren so that one got hammered hard too and no issues.

    Just sharing my experience.
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    I ran a few vials when I first got it with no issues but after starting back up this spring I have had , could be flukes I suppose. I tossed the first 2,3rd is close to done anyway. Thinking I'll refilter my cyp into new vials for good measure.
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    Or use a filter, I wouldn’t take any chances.

    I’m not 100% sure because this thread has so many different topics but I think TGI has changed the stoppers. I maybe wrong but it was talked about.
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    Yes. That stuff.

    Had a complaint about this by another. Was advised (after i handled it in my own fashion) to let the person know if it seems to be an ongoing issue to grab some syringe filter to draw with as they are relatively inexpensive. In fact if you'd like i will send you the btc to pay for them. I believe the stopper thing to be fully addressed. I switched brands, then switched materials, then switched again, all to find the clave ready stoppers to be the best ones available. I believe your stock pile came before i was even running a clave and still using chemical sterilization techniques for stoppers. (Double your order promo, right?)
    New vials is also a good solution. My offer above still stands to help you correct the issue. PM me if you'd like.
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    Yeah I edited my post ?damn spell check got me . I meant refilter lol and yeah this damned thread goes so fast I wasnt skimming a few thousand pages to see. I read it in the a.m. and look after work 400 new posts fml dont you fuckers work???? Lmao:)
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    Please see post above. Thank you.
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    Yeah sure was and nah I dont want anything just inquiring. I've never used the syringe filters before and meant to get some when I ordered pins last time. Just wondering if it was operator error somehow. Thanks bro.
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    Lol no I don’t work ;)
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  11. 27g would be a breeze. Done it easily with 28g and 29g.
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    If you change your mind let me know. Or if you drop a bulk order remind me and i will cut some off the top for your trouble.
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    So @Mac11wildcat is jacked af 3 weeks out, @MisterSuperGod is 'mirin, 2dumb is back with a new attempt, and i have a weekend full of yard work to do.

    Meso never fails to disappoint. In 4 hours or so the morning crew will swing by and like this post. @The Terminator is still awake somewhere, @ONDRUN is still doing favors for random people, @bolder is still thirsty af.

    I think that about covers it for today.

    Oh, and @T-Bagger and his missus are killing it in the lifestyle get fit or die competition.
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  14. i felt the sudden urge to go slumming. So i ventured upon the Naps website. While attempting to navigate the visually loud and annoying site, i noticed something in the background, something that indeed made me go hmmm.

    Now, i don't want to jump to conclusions or make wild accusations, but i think it's pretty clear.

    Naps left the corrupt country of Moldova in search of something better, recently becoming a US citizen, where he then started a small UGL named TGI. It's the perfect cover, no one would ever suspect it... That is, until now.

    You're busted, mister.

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  15. Affirmative, I just chugged 4 raw egg yolks
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  16. How dare you say that about my dad, just because he cry’s hysterically every time he watches Titanic doesn’t mean he’s gay..
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    Woulda got away with it too if it wasn't for those meddling kids and that pesky dog!

    *removes mask*



    RATS! Foiled again.

    The End
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    I use a slin pin.
  19. Might do that next time, straight to the ballz right?
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    For max gainz yes. But for a slower and more subtle gainz approach i inject egg yolks directly into my pupils.