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  1. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Keep it up. It really pays off in the long run.

    Kids live up to whatever expectations the parents set. The problem with most kids is that the parents have ZERO expectations so the kids learn to be brats in order to control the situation.

    Parenting is hard work. You have to make tough decisions. Letting the kids do whatever the fuck they want is taking the easy way out.

    I was really tough on my kids. We never let them control the situation with a tantrum or weird behavior. I sometimes doubted we did the right thing. You feel guilt for punishing them but I can tell you that if you put the hard work in when they are younger it really pays off. I have a packed house with kids that are 16, 14, 12, and 9 but we have zero issues with any of them. They’re all disciplined and make good decisions.
  2. Kim

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    Those type of parents always blame the teachers.
  3. Urgentfury12

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    Bring back corporal punishment and things will turn around quick.
  4. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    My wife is a 4th grade teacher. Honest to god she got a thank you note from a parent last year that said “Thank you for being part of the *team* that is raising my son”.

    Parents need to take responsibility for their own kids instead of putting that onto other people all the time.
  5. Kim

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    How is her class so far this year? I’m going to go up to 5th grade. I tried this year, but my test scores were too good to let me go to a different grade.
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    I fully believe educators are part of the “team” like my mother and mother in law, brothers and brother-in-laws, etc are.

    Partially why I’m so fucking afraid of when he’s old enough for the education system....
  7. Kim

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    I agree about the team. Out of 23 kids, only 7 came for Curriculum night last night.
  8. T-Bagger

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    It’s scary as hell because the damn hippies of yesterday had kids and now those shits are having kids and you can see the downward spiral. God help us when the little shits of today start breeding in about 10 years.
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    When I heard tren, i though to myself ouch, the sleep will be that much worse. So yeah, good call.
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    I got TGI sust on deck. Believe or not sometime sustanon has a little bite to it, I haven’t stepped it up to try primo yet, if I do, it will definitely be from tiggy.

    Part of me thinks that primo is overrated. That there are compounds that are very similar, that actually provide better results. Anyone ever feel that way.
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    Yup. Mast. Dollar for dollar mast blows primo out of the water. As far as physical results go I’d say they are to close to give one the thumbs up over the other. Possibly in a crazy cut you’d be better with primo. My personal opinion is mast is better overall. However if health was an issue and I couldn’t blast anymore I think a trt dose of test and long term low dose primo would be the way to go. No real facts here just my opinion.
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    That’s just lazy parenting it really just takes a little effort to raise a kid right. I have six of them ranging 19 to 3. The TV/video games are just lazy parenting. In reality kids crave structure and only want to constantly do those things because that’s what they are taught. I get angry when I see stuff like that, it’s not difficult to just take your kid to the park and play some ball or something.
  13. T-Bagger

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    Apparently it IS difficult, when you have people more consumed with their own little addictions and pleasures than spending time with their kids. Even when they take them to the park, I see these POS parents on their phones, not paying attention to their kids.
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  14. Cramps88

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    I hear you that shit pisses me of to no end. Me and my wife have rules around stuff like that , we follow them as well. Like no phone when we are out doing family stuff, at the dinner table or really anytime that we are together as a unit.
  15. G0tgot

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    I had my daughter when I was 19. I got lucky , what i mean is she was the most well behaved kid ever, never a tantrum, always listened, straight A student. Now i have another daughter who is three.... boy ohhhhh boy shes a monster... shes the exact opposite .... corporal punishment i see with this one in the future.... shes such a wild child but, she had this weird thing about her. She can sort of tell me something is going to happen , before it happens . For example yesterday, she says uncle tyler is coming... i said , no hes not, he didnt call me what are you saying?... i kid you not 2 hours later. Uncle tyler is knocking at my fucking front door wanting to go to dinner with the fam.. WTF , shit like this happens all the time with her im tottally blown away.
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    I don’t have the hart to tell my friend that his kid sucks and it’s because of him. The kid has made it so I don’t even want him around period. I don’t even wanna seehis fat little face. Honestly, the kid is doomed already. Morbidly obesity, obnoxious, little to no impulse control and both his parents have been to prison multiple times. And it all comes down to parenting.
  17. T-Bagger

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    You’re doing him more of a disservice by staying quiet.
  18. Cramps88

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    I’m glad I did my time before I had kids. I would have been a horrible parent back then. I got my shit together first. Had 3 of my own, and 3 step kids. I can’t imagine having kids in my criminal days.
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    So far it’s been 3 weeks, been using the test cyp at 25 mgs a day, and the Mast e at 400 a week and EQ at 600 a week. Blood draw was Saturday the 10 and results were obtained on Monday the 12th. Last inject prior to blood draw was on Friday. Need to up my AI a little, as ya can see I convert at a high rate.

    Thanks TGI for the quality.

    Be in touch soon. Gotta try that IVS ya got.

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    Been put focusing on gym for 2 weeks, has anyone recieved an update on @THE ol man or ehatever his name was.... just wondering what happened after he was put on timeout