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    So then what you’re actually saying is Millard, the “good ol boys,” or a combination of the two orchestrated this to remove TGI because they didn’t like this thread and thought it was a threat to new members...

    Please, in no shortage of words, explain. Because that’s what it sounds like you’re saying.

    I have a hard time reconciling TGI setting a standard for sources and his thread posing a threat to harm reduction being compatible.

    Either this board is unmoderated but guided by a seemingly good dude or it’s controlled by an in inner circle angry when things don’t go as they wish. Which is it?
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    I think what @desertwarrior wrote is a well-written synopsis. And I’d like to add to it.

    BiggerBen came in upon perusing the threads after his release. He actually first said “hi” to @eje1990. He noticed what I call “locker room talk” and voiced his displeasure over it. Then was counter-attacked and it snowballed after that with multiple attacks and counter-attacks ensuing. That’s when he started talking about suspicious behavior of day-to-day posters. He didn’t come in initially to “take down TGI”. His points were directed at the people posting.

    Bottom line is not everyone is going to agree with everything that is said. Eventually someone is going to get pissed off and if they get mad enough then they take it out on the thread. That’s what happened here. A now banned member was told he couldn’t play, so he took his ball home and threatened to call LE.

    As @desertwarrior pointed out, it was the uncontrolled banter that ultimately escalates and led to the end. I share that opinion, hindsight being 20/20, I know I participated in the shit-posting at times and now regret that I did that.

    If it’s a good source, show respect and take off-topic stuff to a new thread. MESO has categories for everything. When in doubt take it to General Discussion. Yesterday, @StanfordPharma took his posts and started a new thread in General Discussion rather than clutter this already cluttered thread.
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    Once again, failing to address the question I am posing. It sounds like some on this forum have authority others don’t. Because voicing displeasure and having the resources to “fix” the issue are two different things.

    And “couldn’t play?” Get the fuck out of here man. Seriously. The fuck out with any sympathy for that numbskulled piece of shit.
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    And let me be clear here. The impact to me is negligible. Still in contact with TGI. Nothings changed.

    This is about knowing what Meso really is.
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    Of course I knew? But I chose to let it remain silent because I didn’t have proof?

    Wanted me to start posting a bunch of stuff with out evidence? That’s exactly what I didn’t do

    I chose to let the situation just settle and die. What good comes from any of this with or without proof.
  6. What chapter is that in?
    That we have to talk a certain way in a thread? Who makes them rules?
    Before you call a problem with something there has to be a problem.

    The only thing that happened in this thread was TGI trusted the wrong motherfucker and that dude took his PM’s and shared them.
    A complete back stabbing rat move.

    TGI shared an opinion and the CI used that to gain favoritism from certain individuals. That caused a rift between some of the heavyweights here and that is why TGI left.
    He didn’t want this situation to spin out of control any further and jeopardize anybody’s security. ESP his.
    One motherfucker and one motherfucker only started this.
    The useless banter and Bens arrival is only coincidence. Or something on another level if stated differently.

    This is more about a member acting like a fucking confidential informant.
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    Wtf!?!? That’s not what I’m saying AT ALL. There are NO conspiracies afoot.

    You and other members literally shot tgi in the foot by bumping this thread everyday. You brought the wrong attention his way that is all. Millard was guilty of nothing aside from showing some leniency to a long time member who was attempting to direct things in a more productive less clustered direction. Conspiracies theories ensued on your end and now Millard is a crack dealer.(dumbest shit ever said) It’s never been tgi that was the issue it was you and the say 10 other members who have made an absolute mess of the thread. You guys still can’t see that to much attention is always bad for a source. Still bumping the thread talking of how one guy fucked you completely oblivious to what you’ve done.
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    I don’t understand how traffic causes this? What would it matter?

    If tgi was good for the community (clean gear, fast t/a, communication) and DONATED REGULARLY , how is traffic bad

    If anything I think he’s done more good for the community and the traffic helped bestow that.

    Sure this was a giant clown thread, but it’s the same clown thread from day one as it is now?
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    And further more!!! Wtf does Mac have to do with this shit.

    Mac walked into this after the prissy disaster. Mac didn’t orchestrate this. He was using a different vendor, that vendor fucked up and he switched

    It’s not like Mac drove business, business was already there!
  10. Ya this ^^^
    Ppl are getting to many things combined to make it look like something else.

    Mac not only didn’t have a thing to do with this, he didn’t even know what the fuck happened any sooner than I did.
    But when he is attacked he is gonna attack back just like anyone would.
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    Because let’s say I’m new too aas and need information on say carrier oil or some other detail. I’m a lurker so I’m just reading. Imagine finding that information on your own in that trash heap of a thread. The entire reason this site exists is for people to find that information. So as you can see if I’m looking for knowledge on aas and can only find gay ass stories about trannies, that’s a problem.
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    Easy iceman has done two cycles. Hes a fucking wealth of knowledge. LMFAO
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    The attention to a source is already there after his intro post on a public forum. Public. To sell gear. None of the shit posting furthered the attention of the source imo. Did it get annoying as fuck to keep up with? Of course. But anyone can use the search function of TGIs post history to look into his comments to see if anything was addressed or needed to be recently.

    If this thread was a threat to new members then that could have been directly addressed by Millard himself but never appeared to happen. A simple conversation could have been made to keep the posting on topic or take it elsewhere. Yes shit is buried but none of it was detrimental to customers/members health or potential risk of purchasing from TGI. Bloods were in the pastebin as well as other testing methods.
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    So make an handle. That’s what we want. Instead of people lurking we want questions asked and people to get involved.

    @BigBaldBeardGuy has mentioned this several times throughout this thread, stop lurking and join

    I don’t expect you to read all 3k pages, but at the same time if you haven’t you wouldn’t understand. Every questions asked went answered
  15. So now EVERY clown thread looks like a gtg thread to new readers. How the fuck do you fanboys not understand this ? You all thought it was cool to say “ahhhhh I was gone 3 minutes and there’s already 10 more pages”. TGI fanboys are the reason for moderated forums.
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    Yeah I’m sure moderated forums charging sources to set up shop has nothing to do with it
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    Nailed it.
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    It's a figure of speech, not sure how you took that as sympathy.
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    I can’t help what people assume. We didn’t shout “tgi Gtg” like you all think we did

    Where that concept came from I’ll never understand. we told them our experience, and that was it
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    Because this isn’t a new thing, and it was apparent until they banned him.