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  1. iceman440

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    Not that I am going to say it was right, but I take security at the highest

    For one to threaten our identifies (by potentially exploiting TGI) I can hardly blame him. If it would have happened, it could have put all of us in danger

    All we know is he threw it out there, we don’t know if/what/how/when/where Happened out of it

    Edit: I saw you deleted your post, do you want me to delete this?
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    No need to delete. You're good
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    The real craziness of this thread and the rumor thread is for the most part most of the people are saying different things but they all want the same thing. Almost everyone who has posted in the last few days have good intentions and want the best for Meso and it’s members. We all just have different ways of expressing ourselves and we all have our own opinions. That’s what makes this place amazing but at the same time being unmoderated there is no one to nudge the ship back into a general direction. Almost all of us has expressed our feelings our deductions and our opinions and every single one of us has made a good point or offered a solid explanation. Some of us did it well others not so much but still each one was valid to some degree. Besides the complete pieces of shit here there is not a single member who has posted that I can’t have some level of understanding-in what they are saying.
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    Silk Road founder attempting to pay hitmen to take out people he believed were a threat to his financial well being.
    Placing bounties on the heads of private citizens an individual deems a threat to his criminal enterprise will attract the feds in the form of a lead Special Agent in Charge and the team he assembles.
    Silk Road hosted that mess...its gone.
    Flash im the pan tgi did his bidding here at meso and posted his threats here. The feds would be more than happy to shutter meso.
    Tgi treating our board like his own private urinal as well as where he does his dirt. Understand now?
  5. Sp2.0

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    That seems to fall under the bring unnecessary heat part of my statement which I said was stupid.
  6. Urgentfury12

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    I’m not sorry one bit you are insulted. You are still pissy because you didn’t get the welcome you think you’re entitled too. That was it, you didn’t come here for harm reduction you came for attention. The only people you fool are the dick riders afraid you will be mean to them.
  7. LeoTC

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    Blah blah blah bottom feeders blah BB69 conspiracy theory 134578 blah blah fucking blah.

    Here's the thing, Dude.

    Whether you like it or not, the membership makes Meso. Not the other way around. I like the board, because by and large the membership isn't the bunch of tool bags I've encountered at every other forum I've looked into.

    But it's by no fucking means the end all or be all of fucking sourcing, training, nutrition, or any fucking thing else simply for existing.

    You can posture and spin whatever fucking narrative you like. At the end of the day, you're the only one publicly spouting conspiracy theories, while waxing nostalgic about how you did something once upon a time.

    Telling stories about members that you pull out of your ass with all the insight of an impotent Hannibal fucking Lecter.

    You were the guy that "set the tone" for how things are done. Good. Fucking. Job.

    Sit down, shut up, and eat your fucking cookie.
  8. Mac11wildcat

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    He was pretty clear he’d still be a source just not on Meso.
  9. Mac11wildcat

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    Aww @biggerben69 youre insulted? Eat the FATTEST FUCKING DICK man. Fuck you. You came here spewing bullshit. I didn’t even know who you fucking were when you formulated this conspiracy theory that included me. How’s that hit your ego? You’re not nearly as important as you think you are.

    One minute it’s that TGIs thread was a threat to noobs. The next it’s that he was private. Then a minute later it’s about this rumor. Then it jumps to this grand scheme you thought up involving me and Iceman. You can’t even formulate a complete thought before jumping to the next. Talk shit on me all you want. I’ve never done anything questionable here. And I don’t need Millard’s protection to stay unbanned. You threatened people’s identity and security. Somehow that was a “joke.”

    You made a brilliant mess for your own perceived importance. Congrats.
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  10. God&Gainz

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    3 days T/A, all items accounted for and just pinned the Mast

    Thank you @TitaniumGear (TGI)
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    You have no idea how hard I’m laughing right now. Thank you lol
  12. iceman440

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    Also, I posted in the Stanford rumor page. I found the original person with the rumor/Accusation. Feel free to check it out if you wish
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  13. A forum has to charge sponsors to be considered moderated ?? Because steroids are the ONLY forums on the internet right ? Moderated in the sense that these weirdo attention whores can’t openly SPAM threads with stupid bullshit *iceman posting shit TO HIMSELF*.

    I mean who the fuck gets on a steroid forum to post to themselves, with the excuse of “being drunk” ?

    TGI fucked up and didn’t want to face the music. Just a matter of time before the fanboys bow out too, as they have NOTHING beneficial to add.

    My first suggestion would be a group chat where you all can talk about tren like it’s your first beer, act like you’re each other’s siblings, and circle jerk each other.
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    So...do you regularly pleasure yourself with your siblings?

    I mean, I know @iceman440 is into sisters. So I guess it's not unheard of, but he's generally perving on other people's sisters.

    Last edited: Aug 22, 2019
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    God damn right I am
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    I’m thinking a lot of members here didn’t do too well on the critical thinking and using context clues types of problems in school. Shame.
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    Country bumpkin I work with has been married 7 times! I asked him if he ran out of sisters! Luckily, he laughed.
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  19. iceman440

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    Emails dropped in the Stanford rumors thread
  20. Urgentfury12

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    Still have no fucking clue what’s going on but I do see the same dirtbags defending little dick Ben.

    Wtf does a retired special forces playboy know anyhow :rolleyes: