Titanium Gear Industries (domestic source)

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  1. Giveitago

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    From realtor. No doubt it’s TGI

  2. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Just so @MartyStouffer is clear!


    Picture on left is from old real estate listing that @Giveitago was able to find - good job.

    Picture on right was what TGI posted himself in his thread.

    Even the guys in the back? You follow?
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  3. Bhairava

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    Where did you find this?
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  4. MindlessWork

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    Lol we should pool our money to buy that place at sheriff sale (if there is one) even to use the gym! :D
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  5. FruckImDrunk

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    If you go to the KMHT radio 103.9 fm Facebook page the guy who claims to have called the police for the “shots fired” also mentions the woman was tased and got her marks on her face from resisting arrest. He was also amazed at the large quantity of Aas present
  6. notdeadYET

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    I think it’s too close to an elementary school for you.
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  7. MartyStouffer

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    Just wondering what everyone was reading. Gotta ask as people were posting months ago TGI was no longer, was out of business, etc., but obviously wasnt. So, where is this coming from is all I'm asking.
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    You should stop posting. Still not relevant to this conversation.
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    Finally! Thanks!
  10. MartyStouffer

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    Bla bla bla
  11. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    We should have just let you order.

    Quit being a stubborn dickhead and thank everyone here for looking out for you.
  12. MartyStouffer

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    I'm appreciative. But if I called out your source for being busted and dont use, wouldn't you want to know how I knew or would you just be gullible and believe anything anybody says?

    I thought this is what we did here on MESO. We vet the BS.

    Bhairava asked my same question, but give me shit. Lol!
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  13. cochino

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    Fuck go ahead and place an order and be done with it. The gene pool needs a cleaning anyway.
  14. Bhairava

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    Hey man, don’t drag me into this! :rolleyes:
    I didn’t ask any similar question because SWIM may or may not have received a pack from him far more recently than a month ago. I was simply asking where the gentlemen found his information.:)
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  16. Uglyrichie

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    Nah fucked it up but it gives the guidelines in texas
  17. Masterofron

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    This is some true detective work lol. I thought it was pretty much verified after the “guns and 2 motorcycles” part, but I guess this truly solidifies it.
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  18. Bhairava

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    Most drug dealers have guns, Lots like to spend their money on toys like bikes and cars. But the home gym thing is good detective work I agree lol.
  19. Do you honestly believe if he WASNT busted that his army would sit back and be silent this long ? You talking to him a FUCKING MONTH AGO has absolutely NOTHING to do with his disappearance over LAST FRIDAY.

    The shit stains in my underwear are more relevant to this conversation than your pathetic 2 cents were.
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  20. Masterofron

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    He was very transparent about his guns and two motorcycles though. Apparently he was also transparent about other things, things he should of kept to himself.. Like that home gym.