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  1. Start applying it from your warm-up sets and work up the same way you normally would to a heavy single. You should start to notice the effect (or lack there of) of the bracing around the 70%+ mark.

    As a side note, you should always be applying your set up and execution techniques from warm-ups with all your lifts, to help ingrain them into a natural movement pattern for optimal and consistent results.

    Please let us know how your experiment turns out.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I always use proper setup from the warm up on. I want it to become second nature. Wednesday was always more of a body building chest day until recently. I have been doing 100% max both days. It looks like this:

    Then onto inclines and decline bench with 225 for 10 to12. Then body weight dips for 4sets of 10

    If you could layout a better chest day it would be greatly appreciated. I am going to try and video my next max bench. I lost my partner so I have to find someone to do it

    Thanks for your time
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    I have a similar Excel sheet and one I use to track my workouts. Tweaked it so that it will work in LibreOffice on my Linux netbook.
  5. I put 320lbs as my 1RM and it has me doing 370lbs for 2 reps in 14 weeks. Is it even possible to move up like that?
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    The formula assumes you will be putting consistent effort into pushing more so by then you should reach that 370lbs for 2 reps
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    That looks pretty good. One small and one bigger change I personally would make. The small one in a guy who benched over 500 raw at 220 told me some years back never jump more than you did in the previous set. So above I would change 225 to 230 which would be a 45 pound jump from 185 to 230 and another 45 pound jump to 275. Not a huge deal but I think it is a good rule to follow when you are working up benching.

    The bigger change would be that I would drop the 295 single. That is a little over 92% of your 320 max and is likely to take away from your top single. 275 to 320 is another 45 pounds and would work well. Assuming you are shooting for 325 next time I would try.


    No need for the 135 back off set when you are doing incline and decline work after in my opinion. Good work, keep it up.

    And no if you are anything beyond a beginning lifter it is not realistic to think you are going to go from a 320 max single to doubling 370 in 12 weeks.
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  8. Thanks for the help. Tomorrow I plan on hitting the 320 again and then the 325 on Saturday, or do you think I should have more time between heavy days. I am in the gym 7 days a week because I am in the dog house at home. The gym is my hiding spot from life.
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    Your body can recover pretty quickly from heavy benching. I would do the back off sets and skip the incline and decline work and you should be fine going heavy on Wednesday and coming back again Saturday.
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  10. I see ab workouts in my future to fill the time. Or I could just chat up some of the hot girls.... Never mind the last statement, that's how my whole debacle started.
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    Lol we guys are like that haha
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    Reason number 23 why I have my own gym in the basement. Avoiding getting in trouble for chatting up hot girls.

    Actually that should have read reasons number 2 and 3 not 23!
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    You're a better man than I. I just take a 10lb plate and Jimmy tap myself....
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    Doc, I tried slamming my nuts in a car door a few times but sooner or later that was going to cause problems. Investing in the home gym seemed the cheapest and safest alternative.
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    That's why you're still lifting crazy numbers at your age MP, you have the brains along with the brawn.
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    So im at work skimming and i seem to have read the to get crazy numbers I should slam my nuts in a car door? ok. whatever works.
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    That's what I'm getting from MP also. Luckily I have a 4dr so a different door for every training session in the week.
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    Thanks Doc. If I kept at it I was going to really do damage to the car door.
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  19. I am not a smart man. If I get a gym in the basement, the day will come when I only have half a gym.