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  1. Today went like this:

    The 325lbs went up faster and better then last time. I made the 325 three times in the last week and a half. How many more of these workouts before I try to move up? Should I just add 5lbs to all the above numbers and keep the reps the same?

    Thanks for the help
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    I'd try to move up every week. 5lbs should be do able if you're hitting 325 easier. If they're grinders maybe hold off. If good reps you should be good to go.
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    I usually watch these to laugh. But Mendelson had some interesting points IRT PLing.
    1st, about using wide grip in competition to shorten distance. Im wondering if our more experienced PLers do that. And then do you train that way to be ready for competition.

    2nd, I always thought the "mild" back arch was for leverage. Not to also shorten distance on weight moved.

    Any insight @Docd187123 @insertnamehere @theprodgicalson @Masters Power
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  4. Great advice here ; subbed . ~Ogh
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    Three days ago I myself got 225 up easy for 8 reps...then 245 for 3 then 275 for a single. Seems there's been good advice that works and finally punched thru a plateau :)

    Unreal my workout was...just had a cup of coffee from Starbucks prior to workout.

    Gonna go for 295 next week...
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    1) your grip width is limited in competiton. My Fed limits grip width to 32in between index fingers so you cannot go truly wide as fuck.

    I stay away from wide grip benching anyway. When you bench with a grip that's wider than ~1.5 x your biacromial width it puts your shoulders in a risky position to get injured. The reason the bench gets a bad rap for shoulders is bc ppl grip the bar too wide in most cases and end up externally rotating/abducting the arms way too much. This positioning is what causes many shoulder issues. Yes it can shorten the ROM but it's not worth it IMO. Couple this with the fact that EMG readings have shown no difference in pectoral muscle activation between wide and narrow grip maximal bench but there's a big difference in tricep muscle activation in favor of the narrower grip.

    2) it's for both. It restricts ROM like a decline bench press shoe but also helps keep rigidity in your torso.
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    Thanks for that bit of insight Doc...I tend to bench with a wide grip due to my rather long arms and a closer grip fucks with my shoulders especially the right one where there's a spur.

    Still playing with the setup as my gym got new bars and benches and that threw me off a bit.
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    Interesting. Ive always used a "regular" width except doing close hand. So of course I figured you would do the same in comp. Practice how you play.
    I never realized they actually made rules on the grip. I have a lot of reading to do before I compete.
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    As a general rule you do want to practice what you play but there can certainly be exceptions.

    For instance, if squatting with an Olympic bar kills your elbows then you can train with a SSB, buffalo bar, cambered bar, etc to help keep the pain away. About 4-8wks prior to the competiton you'd switch back to an Olympic bar though.

    Another example is If conventional pulling bothers your back you can pull sumo in training. Again, 4-8wks before the meet you'd do conventional pulling to regain the specificity.
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  10. Moved up 5lbs on each set. 330lbs was a new PR! No video but I know I paused at the bottom longer then usual and there was absolutely no bounce. I will need wrist wraps and work on keeping my wrists in one position. My wrist was moving like I was reving a motorcycle. I feel I need to stay at 330 for a few weeks until it is perfected. I want to thank everyone for the help. When I started my max was 290. Now I am at 330 just 3 months later. 40lbs does not sound like a lot, but I think it is an accomplishment
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    40 lbs is HUGE. Dont short change it. Congrats
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    Congrats brother...keep at it you'll be at 385 soon!
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  13. Saturdays benching felt like a cluster fuck. I warmed up in 50lb increments to 335lbs. 335lbs went up slow but my feet kicked out at the halfway point just as the bar started to stall. It was uncontrollable and I felt stupid when it happened. In hind sight I wonder if it would have gone up without my feet kicking out? I then did 300lbs for a double and two singles. 275lbs for three and then 225lbs for ten. It feels like I am staying stronger for the following sets. It just bothered me that my feet kicked out. How do you prevent this?

    Thanks for the help.
    Wreck it Rocco
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