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    In the end it’s just eq. Who fuckin cares... pin it to win it
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  2. Purity can be equaled if the brewer is competent enough to adjust for losses.

    Let's say that the vet grade you're referring to uses 100% pure raws. They don't, but let's just say they do. That means if brewed properly for 100 mg/ml, there would be 100 mg in each ml.

    Now let's say that random UGL has EQ raws that are 90% pure. Brewing properly, but without compensating for that 10% loss at 100 mg/ml, there would be 90 mg in each ml.

    If random UGL compensates for that 10% loss, they would have the same 100 mg in each ml that the vet stuff does.

    There would be no difference if they are truly equal on a mg to mg level. EQ is EQ, your body doesn't know the difference between vet grade and UGL. Only your mind does. ;)
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    Fair enough I guess it does play a big part but at the end of the day if I have venom labs eq and vet grade EQ I'll go with the vet grade. Sometimes I really wonder about all these "lab tests" ugls are uploading and the validity of them.
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    The heart of the matter.
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    Purity has to do with the quality of the powders. All pharmaceutical grade products on the market in the USA use USP(United States Pharmacopeia) grade powders. They have to meet the strictest of purity standards in order to be used. Saying something is 99% pure doesn't necessarily mean it is 99mg if its supposed to be 100mg.
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    That makes significantly more sense, I'm confused then why a lot of pharmacies hold eq then, regardless I'd never be caught pinning 800mg/w 50mg/ml at a time that sounds like hell
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  7. Correct, but if 99% pure raws were being brewed at 100 mg/ml, would it not come out to be 99 mg/ml (pending all variables are correct) or do i have the maths wrong?
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  8. Venom could have had 100% pure raws and step by step instructions written down in crayon and he still would have screwed it up.


    i hear you on that last part. You have to have a fair amount of trust that the tester, their testing methods and the source are all above board and on the level. That's a tall order in many instances.
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    See when measuring purity of a raw powder, pureness will give you mg, but what about potency. That’s where I kinda question that.. Or is that backwards. Potency gives mg/ml and the pureness is the concentration of just that.. impurities. Which in either case you still prove the point. I tried following this and now I totally fuckin confused myself.
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  10. Potency would be dictated by all the steps in the brewing process. Meaning the finished product either is or isn't what the label claim states.

    In the end, the hormone is the same. It all comes down to proper preparation and precise practice of ones craft.
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    Whatever the reason for it when I ran Galenika testosterone at 425 mg a week (an amp per 4 days) my test level was always close to 6000
    UGL pharmasource tested at 350mg per ml at same 0.25ml ml a day being about 525 mg a week didn't get me to that level... More like 5000...
    So I believe pharma is not comparable to ugl on a mg to mg basis. Pharma is more potent.
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    Potency vs. purity, what I was saying..
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    I feel Norma Test E and Norma Nandrolone are way more potent than any ugl I've used. It's hard to push dosages with those products cause a. They're more potent on effects and on side effects. B. They use castor oil its thick af and goes slow even on 22g it leaves painless little lumps.
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  14. Pish posh. Your UGL was underdosed. Just like how some people have the exact opposite result.

    Does that mean the UGL got ahold of some magic fire raws in those instances?
    Of course not. It was overdosed.

    As far as blood work goes, you'll never get the same number twice. There's too many variables in play.

    Edit: Don't those amps come over filled at around 1.2 ml as well?
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  15. Potency is a result of purity and ability.
    i feel as if i'm going in circles with this.

    Where is that emoji with the spiraling eyes?
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    Confused as fuck... circles is right.
  17. It's easy to explain in my head, but when it comes to putting it into written word, i get writers block and draw blanks.
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    I fucked up totally you guys ! I got some from another turk source and he hooked me up pretty good on the count that they were about to expire ... I'm seriously sorry ..
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    It's been more than 2 weeks since it said inbound out of customs; meaning it technically left customs more than 2 weeks ago and no update.
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    i still say it will show up, 2 weeks is long time but it’s happened to me twice. 11 days was the longest for me personally stuck saying that but it did show up 2 or 3 days after it finally got past that inbound status.
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