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  1. From personal experience of using pharma HGH, HGH in average doses is not a game changer, its more like a booster when it comes to burning fat, also builds muscle but not nearly as strong as steroids. Its also dose dependent, when you start to use 10IU per day, it may start becoming a game changer.

    Whereas slin is a game changer, but for novice users, it changes game like, turning most users from bodybuilder to fat bodybuilder. :) During usage of slin, loading simple carbs should be avoided or it will retain fat.

    There is a video of Dave Palumbo about it, definitely recommended to watch. Name is: The TRUTH About "Growth".
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    Thanks for that yes I was thinking that about hgh agreed slin shouldn't be played with but I've seen so many grow off this even though so many would say stay away from it but used with correct protocol I recon its much better and cheaper than hgh
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    You have forget to talk about the age of the bodybuilders they use growth. 6units Genotropin per day direct from a pharmacy in europe is more as a game changer when you use it for a very long time but not all people are ready to spent minimum 20.000 dollars for a hobby. And when you are ready for that, the life for you will be going very hard. When you want to keep your gains after the gh cycle you need to eat every 2 hours and you need to go with testosterone 250mg the week and for all the year. The cycle will kills your psych.
  4. Have you used 6 IU pharmacy grade Genotropin daily for a long time? How long defines "very long"?
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    I have used saizen directly from Italian pharmacy for 6 months 8 iu/day, and I can say that my physical has changed completely has taken the triangular shape very narrow life and it has not changed, the only problem is stomach dilation and my jaws have become like those of a bulldog
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    Are you bulking or cutting? Slin?
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    I used saizen on bulk with fast slin and lantus
    5000 kcal

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    I’m guessing it’s your food intake (possibly slin) causing the dissension. I don’t buy the “gh gut” theory. I also inject IM vs subq as there is less of a systemic rise in igf this way. Highly elevated systemic igf can cause gut and organ growth more-so than when igf is spiked in muscle tissue. Are you doing 10iu at once or 5/5 or multiple pins?
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    8iu split in 2, 4 iu just woke up and 4 iu prebed
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    very long is you use it up to that mounth where you can stop it because you don't be going wider.
    No i have never use gh.
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    Another successful landing, and always get some freebie even small orders. Thanks TP
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    Anyone run his domestic mast e?
  14. Caspian Androne Test E:

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    Cant wait to get mine in the mail :)
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    How do you stay awake during the day? GH makes me so damn sleepy. Ever hear the term “slept like a baby”? That’s because babies have high GH and you sleep so fucking hard haha.
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    Ahahah you're right mate, I try to help myself with caffeine and ephedrine, but as soon as I relax for a moment on a chair or in a car I risk falling asleep
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    Hey TP thank you for the freebies of IH Anadrol!! I'm sorry I just realized it now a week after getting my order, the funny thing is is that when I was ordering I was debating it in my head whether to add some IH anadrol to my order in the exact amount that you gave me (which is seriously to weird!), so when I saw it in the package I thought that I did order it, I just realized now after reviewing my invoice that I didn't add it! Can you read minds?!

    I greatly appreciate it brother, thank you!
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