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    I use the foul language to more or less get the attention of my target.
    I assume you're aware of the meso members who were scammed by one your peers or counterparts here? If you weren't you should've been and thanks to member 5millionbucks you were brought up to speed.
    You said in your reply to to 5million that you don't like to be "dragged into unrelated stuff"? Doesn't much matter that you don't enjoy the reality of your existence. You don't get to decide who your peers are...the other sources here are your peers and some are your direct competition.
    You operate in a shady part of the world where counterfeit products originate and are a very real problem for consumers wanting to purchase the legitimate products that are available there. These consumers count on vendors to help them navigate the waters and avoid counterfeits. When those vendors consider members "Marks" and their entire operation and sales pitches are ploys to build confidence and trust to soften up members the way prize fighters will target the body of an opponent in the early rounds of a fight to wear them down. They soften up the midsection so in later rounds when his opponent, in hopes of protecting his beat up ribs and kidneys, drops his hands and arms in anticipation of the body barrage. This exposes his chin and the knockout blow follows according to plan.
    That pos vendor who ripped members off held class teaching his customers and interested members what to look for in the fakes and did all he could to make himself look like he was here to help members safely make purchases of the products he was selling and educating them along the way.
    Similar to the way drug addicts will steal from you and then help you look for whatever it is they've stolen.
    He educated members and then sold them the shit he showed them to look out for.
    As far as the profession you've chosen? In our country you're considered a drug dealer. Some of my closest associates are drug dealers. They aren't offended by being labeled as such. They know what they are and are comfortable in their skin.
    Perhaps the laws in your country make "drug dealer" inaccurate? What would you call it?
    If it is accurate and you're uncomfortable with the truth get over it or do something that makes you feel good about yourself. Your self esteem issues are beyond the scope of what I am comfortable addressing and helping you assimilate.
    We can go about things without name calling etc. You chose to come to meso and deal in the things you deal in. It appears that you've built up a following and guys are pleased. Here at meso, a source is as good as the last order he filled.
    I've been coming around meso for 13years now. I opened the Underground. Seen them come and go. I honestly hope you have continued success here. Reason being, if you are successful then members are happy. I would simply hope you remember where you are and that as a source there are things that are expected of you.
    Also reminding you that you don't pay any board fees. You keep all you make here. No rent. The attitude and your telling members to not post in YOUR thread speaks to your arrogance and its not becoming. Being humble and grateful for being given a platform to sell your product tax free would seem like something you wouldn't have to be reminded to show us here? Then again, arrogance is a trait displayed by most of the drug dealers I know.
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    Yea definitely not the sort of reply I wss hoping for. I was going to comment of @5millionbucks being shit on for his comments on a product you sell. Yes I know you said it's out of stock, but nevertheless a product you do carry. Definetly not the responses I was hoping for being a customer of yours. I've seen it to many times, sources coming here hungry for business, doing what they can to please the customer. Then slowly but surely they let their success go to their head and begin to think we ose them something other then our hard earned money. Hopefully you eat s humble pie for Christmas this year.
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  3. The reason behind that is very simple but I didnt write it here, it wasnt because of arrogance. The other source seems to be out, so me here, posting photos of some pharma Humatrope, saying "this is the original one, ;)come buy it from me;)" kinda attitude would totally unethical. I would feel like a hyena stealing food. That 5million member was other source's client. I didnt know he was ordering from my TP Domestic Line until recently. I dont know real names and member names of clients. I also delete orders after a while so I cant go back and check mostly.

    I can today, right now go buy a real Humatrope from pharmacy and give it a high price(low price is impossible) and start selling it. But it is really expensive and boxes are huge, so I dont sell it since two years so I cant get photos if I dont obtain the product somehow.

    I of course dont accept responsiblity about what any other source does, the fact that I live in Turkey does not make me bff with all Turkish sources. Its like asking a medical doctor in USA not to get close to little girls because Larry Nassar was a doctor in USA. I also posted DNA test results here which say I am dominantly South Italian descent so you better compare me with South Italian sources lol.
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    All you had to answer was you do not carry that product anymore due to price, etc. But you decided to climb on your high horse and respond to not post in his thread and to never order from him again. Overreaction much???? I'd say so. But we are all human.
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  5. Yeah it was over reaction, because members always compare me with other sources openly and even say "this source from Turkey sells this stuff for ... price", "I ordered from this guy in Turkey and it arrived in ... days" etc... so I was full. 5million was a decent guy compared to eric cartman above he was also frustrated over being let down before writing to me probably. He had his reasons too. @5millionbucks you can write from pm or email anytime bro sorry for over reaction. I will try to make up for it. But please dont compare me with other sources unless they are South Italian :)
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    I have a question for you @Turkish Pharmacy but I'l understand if you don't have answer for it. This is rather weird.

    The thing is, I've ordered aburaihan testosterone from you and it still didn't fix my ED and I don't feel as energeric as on my previous testosterone. (I'm doing TRT).

    My question is, could it be some testosterone products just need more time to fully kick in? It's still a short time since I started taking it. Aburaihan has definitely made me feel good in a short time and I don't have doubts about it being real.

    The reason I'm worried is I use to take prescribed testosterone once a month, 250mg Test E (well u can understand why I had to buy some online, docs are crazy with their protocols in here). And my point is, from the first week I had my erections back and I had no issues with my boy for the next 7-8 days.

    And yet it's been some time with aburaihan testosterone and I have yet to see my ED getting better. I inject more frequently which is also a good thing and it should probably work better than with a protocol of my old testosterone.
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    get your free test measured, that's moreso responsible for libido than your total
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    South italian dont you mean Sicilian.
  9. Dont know, it just says south Italian on results, hope its not Sicilian. I dont want Sicilians to find this out and come asking me to join the mob lol.
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  10. I am no doctor but there must be something else causing the ED. Two times in the past I had to quit Aburaihans because it was making me act like a pervert on berserk mode. Now I keep testosterone levels on cycle low, also prop makes less libido so mostly sticking to prop. I even thought Iranians are putting something else inside -that has more libido effect-, to mimic testosterone.

    You should be seeing full effect of Aburaihan by the end of week 2, from my personal experience.
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    You want your dick to work throw in some Bayer proviron. Your free test may be low.
  12. Good idea, can also use low dose tadalafil once every 2 days.
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    Its impossible to buy any LEGIT Testo Enan Aburaihan or any pharma product from Iran like Alhavi Oxy cuz this country is under international embargo sanctions they cant export any pharmaceuticals.

    This mean all Aburaihan or Alhavi Oxymetholone are good copies and nothing else.
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    And that is why I picked that brand, I wanted as high libido as possible. My libido would usually be high as fuck for the first week or so when I was on prescribed testosterone and I wanted a challenge for myself lol.

    I am going to check my e2 levels tommorow, I think that's probably what's wrong here.
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    I'l look into that.
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    Are you running an AI along with it? That could be the issue 12.5mg of aromasin 4x a week killed it for me so; now its like 2x a week max; I never ran more than 1cc of test a week though.
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    I sent you a pm with my email
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    I have arimidex 1mg pills but I haven't take any. I didn't need it back when I was injecting 250mg at once, all tho it was every 4 weeks. I never had e2 symptoms and now I only inject 120mg pw.

    After I get my e2 results I'l see do I need it. I feel mentally good and my anxious side is gone since I'm injecting T again.

    I'd take it but I'm afraid if I crash my e2 if I actually don't have high e2 issues. After all the only symptom is my erection lol.
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    Medicine is not part of the sanction. Caspian tamim and Aburaihan is all over the middle east. Plus its super easy to “sneak” things out of that country... Money talks
  20. In Turkey, no one buys Aburaihan, domestic sellers mostly dont carry it. Because they are pretty cheap and they are "Iranian" people think they are fake or underdosed. As far as I know, there are no Iranian product fakes in Turkey because they come pretty cheap to wholesellers, probably no one bothers to fake it.
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