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  1. Great. ;)
    Aburaihan test e and Abdi Ibrahim Anapolon really is a great combo for mass and strength.
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  2. muleman

    muleman Junior Member

    When will you have the caber 2mg tabs back in stock ?
  3. 2 mg Cabaser will never be back to stock. For 1 mg Cabaser, we are waiting for pharmacy depots to re-stock but unfortunately not sure when they could do that.
  4. Balkan clenbuterol(this is old box, new boxes are yet to come) is back in stock in limited quantity. I am not trying to rush anyone to buy them, they are really limited quantity. :)

    hq balk clen.jpg
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  5. Nela

    Nela Member

    Will the new clen be in 60 x tabs or less?
    Dont mind Balkan pharmaceutical currently runing their Anavar and stanazole decent product and pricing
    New packaging though some of the quantities have changed
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  6. Iron_Yuppie

    Iron_Yuppie Member

    Anyone have a report on the Rox Anavar?
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  7. New boxes will be 100 tabs per box, old ones are 60 tab-box. Our Balkan oxandrolones are new boxes but we send them 50 tabs per unit to avoid confusions.

    Balkan has probably he best tablets on market, if they are genuine.
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  8. ItsDaBoii

    ItsDaBoii Member

    Just placed my first order today with tp, hope everything works out!
  9. nukklehead

    nukklehead Member

    Hey TP
    Do you think you will get a restock of SP Cyp. and BVS cialis before new year?
  10. I dont think SP will be restocked unfortunately. I got only SP propionate left in stock for now.

    BVS tadalafil -cialis- has recently came back to stock, I just updated, its available to order.
  11. Grab Bag

    Grab Bag Member

    Anyone try these guys pharma GH? Is it legit? @Turkish Pharmacy any testing on your GH products?
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  12. Dec1214

    Dec1214 Junior Member

    @Turkish Pharmacy I made an order at your site but I want to change one product for another. Do I need to cancel my order and make a new one? I am about to pay up for the order in a hour or two.
  13. You can re-order and I can cancel the previous order. Easiest way to do it.
  14. Got only one blood test for Kigtropin which is the only HGH that I dont recommend and also not pharma, its in the link below.
  15. Novorapid pen is in stock:

  16. New box Balkan Pharma clenbuterol is in stock, old box has discount. Both same quality, both very effective.

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  17. ItsDaBoii

    ItsDaBoii Member

    Got my order today! Good packaging and no problems at all.

    Also great customer service, he responds very fast on mails/pms
    Great guy, can only recommend
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  18. cadafi

    cadafi Member

    Hello TP do you plan on getting Balkan new type boxes for injectables
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  19. Yes, will get them but it may take some time. As Balkans have long expirations, wholesellers keep large stock mostly. Until their stock runs out its pretty hard for me to get the new style boxes. Luckily so far I got oxandrolone and clen's new versions.
  20. Omegistosalex

    Omegistosalex Member

    Hey man, why do you not recommend? Asking cause i have 2 kits currently