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  1. Basedout

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    Actually I should clarify. Are these the same Mauves from another popular source on the net that tested really well about a year or so ago? If so, anyone run them recently?
  2. Basedout

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    The discount? Or the 10% off 500$ and 20% off 1000% the 20% off is what I was talking about.
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  3. Grozny

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    Alpha Pharma is still running in Europe and in Scandinavia. You can check by yourself some big sources in Sweden and big buyers have it on stock. Usually small retailers dont have it.
  4. Logan44551

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    No the mauves are from a different source either directly from TP " the provider" or from a reseller like bng growth or nextdayhgh
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  5. Yeah that discount will be long term hopefully.
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  6. rester

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    Forgot to post - Ordered a bunch of stuff from TP, came really quick, everything was packaged perfectly. Thank you TP!
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  7. hog72

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    @Turkish Pharmacy, any plans on restocking SP products?? the EQ has been out of stock for several months.
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  8. Yeah I got plans but cant move on to turn them into reality :)
  9. Richard Gasco

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    I'm about to place an order with TP and wanted to know if I would be able to select some items from both Domestic and International in the same order ?
  10. bob357sig

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    I would hold off on that order till you pm TP. I don’t think you can order Int and dom in the same order. I would pm him in the AM “8 hour time difference from eastern US to Turkey” and maby he can work something out for ya.
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  11. Richard Gasco

    Richard Gasco Member

    Right. I was first checking to see if any of you guys ever attempted that in the past. but yeah I'll email the source in the AM. thanks
  12. TP Domestic Line is shipped domestic and all other products are sent international so unfortunately its not possible to order them together.
  13. Deez5950

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    Anybody have any experience with the TP domestic line? I didnt see any names on the products listed. Just wanted to know if its average UGL grade products?
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  14. Please define average UGL grade.
  15. Deez5950

    Deez5950 Junior Member

    Not really looking for a pissing match about what's average and what's not. Let me rephrase...is there any testing on this TP domestic line?
  16. i was just curious what you meant by that, and no, i don't believe there is any testing on his domestic wares.
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  17. Rook2135

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    Has anyone tried Tps Test E/C.
  18. Logan44551

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    @Oregongearhead you using the test C?
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  19. Test Cyp (domestic) was gtg . Did a 12-weeker with good results .
    ~Ogh :D
  20. dartdoc

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    thank you for the very quick international shipping on the primo!
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