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  1. Hello, yeah got them in stock. It would last about 10 days with regular airmail, 2-4 days with private courier, depending on luck regular airmail may last longer or shorter.
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    TD. Ridiculously fast shipping ($40) dollar shipping. Had a issue with the confirmation email which was resolved in a matter of a few hours and shipping was a week. Threw in a little extra and a freebie.

    10 out of 10 would absolutely do business again.
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    I just want to mention that I contacted Mr. Turkish some weeks ago about obtaining [WRONG SOURCE, ITEM NOT OFFERED] because I've been reading about its off label use for anxiety. He was able to obtain it and I order to packs of 15 which arrived in exactly 13 days.

    I will say that I've been extremely happy with its off label use so much that I've been working to ween myself off of Lexapro. Unfortunately for Mr. Turkish I will eventually get a prescription once I've told my Primary about its positive effects.
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    Lexapro withdraws are incredibly intense, but trust me they get better relatively quick. Just cut a small piece off of your dosage every day and you won't got through withdraws.
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    I had withdrawals from lexapro for 8 weeks I had a headache. I couldnt do it anymoe. I eventually went to the doctor they gave me one pill of a diff anti depressent. Mitrza or something and took .5 of it and my withdrawals were gone for good. I wish I knew this info the days I first stopped. I think you may need something to stabilize the chemicals in your brain again. Since the lexapro increase a chemical it doesnt go back unless you take something to stabalize it.

    I was withdrawing so bad I couldnt walk my headaches were so bad.
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    Your lucky you have an excellent doctor that knows how to discontinue lexapro, some doctors aren't aware and just tell you to come off.

    Edit: Overprescribing of antidepressants is an epidemic in the western world; my SO told two different gynos that she had period pain and within 2 minutes of meeting her they recommended antidepressants! To deal with period pain!!!! Most people aren't educated and will follow a MD's advice blindly, it's bullshit.
  7. Are you sure it was me? I dont sell any anti-anxiety medicines, including xxxxxx, I also dont have any access to it right now, I never sold xxxxxx in my life lol.
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    It was a mix up sorry. You’ve been my go to for pharma primo and not this. I apologize for the mix up
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    @Turkish Pharmacy

    Do any of the international products have GSO as the carrier oil? Or cottonseed? Was considering ordering some oils, but can’t tolerate MCT or EO.
  10. Dont have GSO as carrier in any product unfortunately.
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    Don’t know if this helps you but Balkan/SP labs use peach oil as the carrier oil. Very smooth.
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    Interesting. Thanks. Never tried it. Ever hear of anyone having problems with it?
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    Sp is like you are not injecting, 0 pip
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    I personally have never heard of any complaints about legit Balkan or SP. Im running Balkan test C now from TP, no real pip at all, peach oil is clear like cottonseed oil.
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    Alibuhran test e is the smoothest oil I've ever used, zero pip, don't remember the carrier
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    I feel the same way. It is thicker than any oil I have ever used, but definitely the smoothest and absolutely zero pip.
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    I received my hygetropin 25x8iu order without problems and very fast, but why are the vials unlabelled? I can't find the serial number either.
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  18. There are two types of Hygetropin, 1 st is the ordinary one:
    this one has been out of stock since a while.

    The other one(you ordered) is the discreet box:
    It looks like hair spray so even when customs open it up, they mostly just see it as minoxidil vials and let the pack through. So I just get that discreet ones now. Also regular boxes come as discreet boxes to us and we stick stickers, they are both same product.

    Here are the photos of discreet ones:

    abc.jpg abg.jpg
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  19. Almost all Tp Domestic Line prices have been lowered(here comes the domestic competition :) )

    Minimum order has been raised to 200 USD per order.

    And Mauves HGH is in stock in TP Domestic Line now:

    TP Domestic Line.jpg
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  20. Last batch of good old Alpha Pharma Rexogin, with discount:
    Once its finished, Alpha will probably be out of stock forever :(