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  1. Okko

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    Once again showing sides and effects vary among individual..
    I never got strong back pumps from IH adrol at 50 or 100 mg, but Var at any dose had me get into trouble with ridiculous pumps
    Adrol will give me digestive issues for first few days, 2 kgs immediate weight gain, solid strength gains and high BP if I don't take meds
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  2. Okko

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    Maybe try a few grs taurine pre workout. Always use it now and never got crippling back pumps since then.
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  3. Big.E89

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    Yes about 1.5 to 2 hours pre workout
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  4. Big.E89

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    I use 5g of taurine daily but still get them when I'm off-season and the food is really high.. They aren't as bad but they are still there
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  5. What medicine do you use to keep BP at normal levels during Anadrol usage?
  6. TP Domestic Line now also carries Sustanon (kind of a sustanon /50mg prop + 200 mg enanthate/ lol )

    TP Domestic Line.jpg
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  7. Okko

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    telmisartan 80 pharma or even 2x50 ugl
    Lisipronil 2x10 pharma
    Still being closer to 130 than what I would like but tren and gh used as well last time
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  8. Buggy2hot

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    Respectfully, this is mislabeled as Sustanon -- this is MUCH better as it resembles the famous Bayer Testoviron Depot and the legendary Aratest 250, both of which contain 50mg Test Prop and 200mg Test Enan. You got an awesome product on your hands, TP!!! I'll definitely purchase on my next order.
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  9. Good point, not every test mix is sustanon. Changed the name. Its vial name is already Testoviron 250 so url is the same too now :)

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  10. Buggy2hot

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    To be clear, I wasn't criticizing your naming -- I was actually praising your creation and saying it is even better than "Sustanon" because you get the two best testosterone esters in one product! I never got to try Testoviron Depot (Prop + Enan) or Aratest but this is damn close. Thank you so much for the offering!
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  11. penche

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    Another successful international order of goodies from @Turkish Pharmacy this man takes care of clients. Yes Ima shill a little bit but I always give credit where it’s due. Been using him for years and never a love letter or missing items. If anything he hooks it up with some extras. I tip my hat to you TP and if I’m ever in Turkey I owe you a shot of tequila for dat ass
  12. CAswole

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    Def giving this a whirl. Wonder how pip is with this one. Test E always is painful for me as is prop. But i think u claim much less pip with your domestic line right @Turkish Pharmacy ? Any reports on this one yet?
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  13. Honestly have not heard back from anyone about it so far, its pretty new. But domestic line is very smooth to inject, short esters can give short term(1-2days) very mild pip to a few people, others are nearly pip-free.

    Have you ever used aburaihan's test e? Thickest and hardest looking oil which is the smoothest injectable test e I have ever seen. Get someone to shoot 3 ml from a glute when you are drunk and next day you wont figure out which glute it was injected from :)
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  14. boxer15

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  15. For next order I will send you 20 aburaihan enanthates, when you make an order please remind me that. You will see that not all enanthates are painful :)
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  16. We got TP Domestic Line only as for shipping inside USA. We dont have reshipper for other products in international products inside USA.

    TP Domestic Line:
  17. bonacris

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    Package landed. The Express courier service is amazing. Packaging awesome as always TP. Always a hassle free experience with TP. Thanks for the goodies too. Legend
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  18. hyp0luxa

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  19. Good question. I personally think iran hormone is far better than aburiahan, at least for a seller like me, they dont change boxes and printings everyday, their expiration dates are not deleted when leaked oil touches them etc...

    For user, they are very similar, same effect, same, thick and hard to inject oil, same pip free injection, same very high and disturbing libido side effect. Both come from Iran pharmacy, it was mentioned here before iran hormone products seem to be a bit more effective than counterparts I have no idea why. Androne is also the same, iran pharmacy grade. Also would recommend.
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  20. Aiden7

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    Hello !

    I would like to know if you have 10x Virigen Testocaps (30caps) in stock ?
    If Yes how long it will take to be deliver in france if i'm getting it by bitcoin ?

    Thank you
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