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  1. Unfortunately I don't have a solid answer to that question.
  2. New batches of Iran Hormone test e came to stock,

    02 2020 exp version is 40 usd per 10 amps:
    12 2020 exp version is 60 usd per 10 amps:
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  3. Dec1214

    Dec1214 Junior Member

    My stuff came this morning and all looks good (30 amps aburaihan testosterone, arimidex and I got Iran hormone as a gift).

    I will definitely use Iran hormone someday in future but for now I only ordered loads of test for my TRT. But still, thank you TP. I appreciate it!

    There is one question tho. It says intramuscular injection only? I never did sub q anyway but would it be a problem if I even try?
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  4. You are welcome bro.

    You can use testosterone subcutaneously too. But dont know if thick oil of Iranian testosterones would go inside a subq syringe.

    Didnt want to give direct link or name but you can check that fit doctor's videos about it :)

  5. CAswole

    CAswole Member

    You could but why? Usually leaves knots. Better to go insulin pin in your delt than belly subq
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  6. 5millionbucks

    5millionbucks Member

    I really hope you aren't selling the same humatropes as what adnanast was dishing out; I know yall are both coming out of Turkey; and his IH adrol was on point. But this fake GH thats "supposedly coming out of a Turkish Pharmacy" has to stop. Need to see the barcodes and how the packages look with all the pens so everyone on this board can take a look.
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  7. bob357sig

    bob357sig Member

    Damn bro, you accusing @Turkish Pharmacy of selling fake gh? I don’t remember anybody complaining about his gh? Think you are just lumping TP in with “the other guy” because he is out of Turkey. I never trusted that “other guy “ anyway.
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  8. 5millionbucks

    5millionbucks Member

    No im not accusing TP; never heard anyone say bad things about his gear. I also ordered from his "domestic line" before so don't act like I'm lumping people together. This is just precautionary measures; I don't care how much a person trusts a source; I talked to TP on my direct line before seems like a nice guy to me. But overall the nature of this business is people do get fucked over like a shitton of people on the adnasanst thread where we all praised his gear including me, but then this shit happens and I realized my humatropes are the same bullshit that everyone else ordered just this past month and I received it weeks before they did.
  9. I dont have Humatrope in stock since 2 years, I dont sell them because they are very expensive in pharmacy and their boxes are very big, which is not good for customs. Please check my stock from web site before asking me for photos. You can see clients asking for Humatrope on this forum time to time.

    Also I knew nothing about fake hgh thing before you telling me and it is unrelated to me. The way you want photos is pretty disrespectful, sounds like accusing me indirectly, please don't order from me again even if you did before.

    Also please don't write to this topic again I don't want to get into unrelated arguments.
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  10. Jstone2

    Jstone2 Member

    You did accuse him, you claim you didnt, but thats exactly what you did. Demanding pictures of a product he doesnt even carry. TP has been golden, and even posted testing of products that weren't spot on, and handled it like a real businessman. His response was exactly what i would expect. Its funny when some clowns come in and try to vet sources, leave it to the guys that have been doing it for years. The least you could do is see if he carries the product before you run your mouth.
  11. Inj3ct1on

    Inj3ct1on Junior Member

    Keyword is: Out of Stock
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  12. 5millionbucks

    5millionbucks Member

    Your right my fault on my part. Didn't even realize it; regardless I was heated; seen adans post on this thread before, so that is what really fucking angered me.
  13. 5millionbucks

    5millionbucks Member

    I was out of pocket; your right, maybe it did look like a shot at you. I was just really angry about the whole situation and did see adans post on your thread I believe or vice versa. You got to understand yall are the only two sources that I really trust a 100% of meso; and adanas ruined it for me. I hope you didn't take it as an insult; I should of done my research and actually went on your website to check it the Humas were indeed in stock.
  14. I wrote on his topic once, to warn a client who was comparing me and him, telling people that they should buy from me, even though I warned him before not to do it in pm. I dont like being dragged into unrelated stuff that I dont want to be involved in, why ask me? Go ask another source that sells Humatrope.

    I also dont like getting into arguments like this, which I told in previous reply.

    Its ok what you said, no big deal but I would be happy if you didnt order from me or commented here again.

    Thank you.
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  15. 5millionbucks

    5millionbucks Member

    Ok I respect that
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  16. Longevity

    Longevity Junior Member

    Alright TP! Super smooth and fast 12 day T/A!! Everything is good to go and the added gift blew me away. Thanks for everything. I very much appreciate your efforts!
    I was wondering about the snap line on the IH amps. Do you do it just like on the other kind with the dot. Already snapped one of those, no problem. Thanks again!!!
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  17. biggerben69

    biggerben69 Member

    Watch yourself. This isn't your thread. The other guy was "Golden" as well. NOBODY is beyond reproach. This drug dealer included. Son of a bitch.
    @Jstone2 ...feel free to ride all the source dick you want. Do not look for tag team partners and disrespect members who don't. You're what's wrong with this thread....not member @5millionbucks. This is meso. There are plenty of brothels,,I mean boards where guys like Jstone will fit right in and can split time with other twinks riding the dicks of drug dealers in hopes of becoming the sources favorite bitch.
    Next to China, Turkey is leading the way with counterfeit everything. Members need to demand pics and whatever else they decide is necessary. You've got the wrong attitude for this place Mr Holier than Thou pusher man.
    Don't let this fucking guy get to full of himself. Anytime I see you disrespecting members in one of our threads I'll be here to remind you that you're fucking free loader and a guest here. You aren't entitled to shit except to the blowjobs Jtston is offering. Nothing more.
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  18. So, steroid sources are drug dealers, and you post stuff on their pages all the time, you probably use steroids too. Are you a drug addict? I recommend you go on a rehab.

    When you say bitch, fuck, dick this makes you a tough guy huh? You must be a real loser in real life lol. I would say go away but damn. I say I dont want to get into stupid arguments, even stupider arguments come back to me. I told 5million not to write on my page but you can write all day long, it makes me feel smarter when I see guys like you.

    You can write all day to this topic, you can get my topic active so more people will see it. I will not respond anyway.

    I just try do my job, if you dont like it go buy from somewhere else.
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  19. You are welcome bro, I push myself hard to add as much freebies as possible. :)

    The red belt on IH enanthates is probably because they laser all that part(like lasered part under the dot in Aburaihans), to snap easier. So you can use any part to snap it.
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  20. Our new main banner, we will be able to receive orders and transfers, but the shippings will be sent after 15th.

    tatil dec 2019.jpg
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