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    "Hyena stealing food"? Adanaanat is gone and that thread is history. His fucking off his spot here has left guys who used him in need of a new connect for the products you guys have access to.
    So what you won't carry Humas? There are other products. Guys are in the Underground are here to buy. Sources are to fill the demand. The only ethics you need be concerned about as far as members are concerned is to keep counterfeits away and keep doing as you've been doing. You've got some satisfied customers and now there is an opportunity to pick up some pissed off former clients of your recently departed counterpart. They aren't going to quit the lifestyle because of that piece of shit. They need to find what they want from a vendor who isn't going to try and rip them off. I'm sure you can handle them and leave them satisfied.

    I don't know why you insist on fighting this battle? You're from Turkey offering the pharmaceuticals that many scammers and legit vendors from Turkey and the surrounding area offer. You are going to be compared to them. For Christs Sakes you're going to be compared to other vendors period. Its how members decide which source to roll with. They COMPARE prices and neg and pos reviews from members that have used your service and the service of other vendors.
    Don't be a cocky prick and keep up the good work.
  2. 01/2020 expiration IH Anadrol, 50 tabs 50 mg, 33 usd:

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    When people order, do they actually put a real phone number in the order form?
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  4. i would. Hopefully he would call and we could shoot the shit. Then every so often i would call him back just to breathe into the phone and creep him out.
  5. No need for phone number. You can just write 1111... and pass that part. Our shipping methods do not require phone number.
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    good deal on an excellent product :)
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    To update you folks, my e2 was on top of the range. Nothing that arimidex couldn't handle. I feel pretty good now and it's getting better. ED issue is pretty much gone.

    What's interesting I have never felt so mentally good but I have no idea what is my E2 now. I don't even care. If I need it low to feel this good then I'l keep it that way.

    As for Aburaihan, so far I can say it's damn good. Thank you TP.
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    Out of curiosity what were your high E2 symptoms that bothered you? and did you get recent blood work done? Wondering how good is Aburaihan compared to Caspian Tamim.
  9. Dec1214

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    I only had ED issues or so I though. I also feel much more mentally clear and stable(?) since I started taking arimidex.

    My testosterone was above 1400 but instead of 125 I injected 180ish at once the week I took the blood tests because I wanted to get myself something something to work. At the end I just needed an al.
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    Touchdown thanks TP you're the best:)
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  11. They are nearly same, thick oil, high libido side effect, pip free, hard to inject.

    I dont recommend Aburaihan anymore because they always change boxes and printings. Clients get confused some think they are fake. Both Iran Hormone and Caspian test enanthates are same quality with Aburaihan in my opinion. All 3 are very similar products, probably due to Iran's medical requirements.
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    I’m on my first cycle and using caspian tamim at the moment I have really tried other brands to compare but from what I hear they are both solid products.
    Do you recommend anything “better” that you have in stock?
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  13. Nela

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    Are these amps easily snapable?
    So far I've been using Balkan and the amps are great and product
    Always down for a change just with amps some are hard and to snap
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  14. Other than Gonadon, I didnt get any compaints about any other product in ampoule form. I personally tried all 3 Iranian testosterones, they are all pretty easy to snap.
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  15. I dont think there is a better product, two of three Iran test enanthates were lab tested, when a product is 255 mg/ml there is no better product that I can recommend.
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    Awesome to hear mate!
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    I didnt have any problems snapping them.
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    You dont nothing about fakes ? Omg. Turkey and the middle east and the eastern of asia are flooded with fakes. What gh do you sell when you have not the real expensive stuff that comes in a big box and they are not good for shipping ?
  19. I got Genotropin, Norditropin and some Sandoz in stock as for pharma grade HGHs(you can check web site for updated stock). They are also pretty expensive, but IU for IU, Humatrope is more expensive and they come in huge boxes so they are hard to send in international shippings.
  20. Nela

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    quick question though is Hgh really a game changer??

    I would of thought training and diet rest etc would be key and maybe some slin I dought many pros use it and if so most of the hghs would more than likely be generic
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