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  1. What’s all this about? I ordered from him and he had been a great help through the whole process? I may be wrong here but didn’t he Remove those from the list?
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    Any feedback on the domestic testoviron 250?
  3. Funny thing is had you stuck with your doctors protocol your Libido would still be working and you wouldn’t need an AI. Why not just go back to injecting 62.5 mg every week and keep the extra money?
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    My protocol wasn't 62.5mg pw. It was 250mg e4w. I guess I wasn't long enough on it for e2 to start messing with me or idk.
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    Are Balkan Oxandrolones currently in stock?
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    I've used anapolon 9months after they expired and they worked just as good as before the expiration and I've used norma test 1 year after exp and they were good also.....I think that if it is pharma grade they will have some decent preservatives and it should still be good....I plan to use some of the IH oxymeth when they expire, unfortunately I can't give you a review of them yet of course, but my gut tells me it should be fine.....hope this helped.....
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    I have used this at 40mg per day with success left me nice and dry for my comp

    Btw merry xmas to TP and thanks for the treats over the year
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    @Nolij what’s up buddy.
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    Any feedback on the private courier shipping option?
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  11. Any hairloss since starting the Aburaihan? Doesn’t sound like regular old test e, naturally all test e should be the same. They must be putting something else in it, my guess is masteron. I MIGHT buy a pack and have it tested.
  12. No homo but you know what we all wanna know man.
  13. Masteron is DHT derivate so it will probably cause more hair loss than test e. Also masteron raw powder is very expensive, no one would put it into Aburaihan that they give away for free in Iran :)

    Anonymous lab test of Aburaihan:
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    Never had any hairloss so far or maybe I haven't notice any :D.
  15. Yeah but I’m not buying that it’s 100 percent test especially if it’s giving an extra kick in libido more noticeable in other brands of testosterone E. Better safe than sorry.
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    I used it before. Took like 5 days or something.
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    Where are you from ? US ?
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    Private courier shipping for me to USA took 3 days :)
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    You're an idiot bro.... ya they are selling test e with masteron in it... gtfoh dude!
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    How are people liking the tp domestic products? Prices look solid! That's his own line of products correct?