What R U Eating ? ~OGH wants to know.....

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  1. Happy Father's Day to all muscleheads , you will probably get yours today ! Ogh
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  2. Hope you get your place Icky ; goodluck .
    You sure love your seafood , thats why you belong in this thread , we all here seem to love it here . Hell we just seem to love to eat period here . Thats why dieting can be challenging in this thread ....the food that gets ate here is amazing , and exotic sometimes . It also sends subliminal messages to the brain to eat I think :confused: :p
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  3. Skull

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    0616182025_Film2.jpg Nothin like a lil BBQ'd PorkSreaks, Chicken "not pictured", Hot dogs, an Brots for FathersDay. Add in a side of mashed tatters, salad with Italian dressing, an kiwiw.....Mmm mmm delicious :) Happy Fathers Day guys. Hope you all are enjoying it :)
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    Nice spread Skull!
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  5. Paleo lunch.... beef chunks/almonds/filberts/pumpkin seeds/roasted mung beans. Very tasty and satisfying. IMG_20180617_134728.jpg
  6. ickyrica

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    I'm in the FML zone currently....
  7. Another nice BBQ pic, alot of mass consumption today, looks like "calories be damned!" ;)

    PS- Thinking about a homemade peanut butter ice cream protein shake....:rolleyes:
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  8. ickyrica

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    This is def a mass consumption weekend for me. Hard 30 day cut leading into a vacation after today. Dessert pics to come!
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  9. gr8whitetrukker

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    I legitimately dont have enough space to post all the pics. As they keep coming to the table with meat on the skewer like hordes of zombies in a post apocolyptic America. I dawned my tightest fitting 3XL tshirt and got to work. From the soup to the "salad bar" to the meat....all badass. And the bill was just a cunt hair shy of 3 hundo. Bwahahaha. WOW
    Lobster bisque
    Coconut cream cod(Moqueca de Peixe)
    Beef ribs, leg of lamb, lamb tenderloin, filet mignon, flank stank, top sirloin, sausage, chicken wrapped in bacon
    20180617_170915.jpg 20180617_165612.jpg
    Hot banana coated in brown sugar?
    Brazilian cheese bread
    And of course pie(not pictured)
    Im wholly paralyzed from food
  10. CAswole

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    I feel your pain brother. Been there, done that
  11. Mr.B66

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    Glad to see you like it like i do. Everything is top notch IMHO!!
    Love the salad bar but the meats are deff the star.
    I always leave there so god damn full that im done for the night, no more food of any kind!!!
  12. Logan44551

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    Wow, that looks incredible! Happy Father's day truk
  13. Eman

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    Love it. Makes me want to go back... Luckily it's a little bit of a drive, otherwise I would probably make way too much of a habit of it.

    I remember the first time I went... Kept thinking I'd go really light on the "salad bar" so I would have room for lots of meat. Then I get there and find out that everything I thought I knew about what a salad bar could be was wrong.

    If I lived close to one, I'd go for just the salad bar and some drinks from time to time.

    .... Who am I kidding, I'd go with the intention of salad bar only and end up eating a few lbs of red meat.
  14. gr8whitetrukker

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    Yeah the salad bar has lots of awesome protein. Never seen more options in my life. Dont even have names for all that stuff lol. Im such a 'neck haha. The soup was fancy. AND FUCKIN DELICIOUS!!!
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  15. I can imagine Trukker looked like a hungry T-Rex gnawing those bones ! It was probably quite a sight with food flying everywhere as the wifey looked on....:eek: :eek: :p
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  16. ickyrica

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    Hard cut, lol. Sure thing buddy! 20180618_175411.jpg 20180618_181005.jpg
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  17. gr8whitetrukker

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  18. Notits

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    6 egg whites, 2 cups brussel sprouts, 1 cup jasmine rice
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  19. ickyrica

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    Just grabbed my first bag of microwavable Jasmine rice prior to yesterday's work out. Cheap at 1.25$ and not half bad. 104g of carbs, easy to eat. Had to make a switch, I'm pooping out whole sweet potoatos at this point lol.
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