What R U Eating ? ~OGH wants to know.....

Discussion in 'Nutrition / Supplements Forum' started by Oregongearhead, Apr 6, 2014.

  1. TideGear

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    That looks awesome!
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  2. ickyrica

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    It was! Really digging flank, and those potatoes!

    I thought I saw an ab breaking through some fat rolls this morning in the bathroom mirror. Fixed that shit. IMG_20200329_080421.jpg

    Lobster is priced so low right now up here, I'm curious what it costs around the continental 48. What are you guys seeing for cost?
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  3. Seems like a good day for a turkey roast...:)

  4. Logan44551

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    Beef tenderloin IMG_20200330_155054.jpg IMG_20200330_131951.jpg
  5. puckhog

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  6. Logan44551

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    Not sure probably the week 5-7 days. Got a good deal at cash and carry this and baby backs for 90 bucks
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  7. KillaBig

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    Boneless thin cut ribeye, Asparagus and potatoe.
    Started riding the bike with the kids on the toe along, Gotta get some Cardio, Lol
  8. ickyrica

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    Your meals are always great regarding portion control and macros. Good work my man.
  9. gr8whitetrukker

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    That's fucking riot lol. A couple fingers of single malt was probably needed after that :)

    Eat you puny fucks! 4 large eggs, generous amount of egg whites, couple slices of DKB. This is portion control in the icky household lol

    And for those bean lovers...

  11. ickyrica

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    1nbwh8.jpg idk why, but this Quail thing made morning haha
  12. ickyrica

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    the best part about this Dan Quayle thing is that I misspelled his name :D:D:D

    Also, they are called tubers? Wtf? Screenshot_20200331-100022.png
  13. ickyrica

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    IMG_20200331_165611.jpg IMG_20200331_165854.jpg making homemade corn dogs. Veg oil, corn bread mix and hot dogs. Mans man kinda food haha
  14. Human_backhoe

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    God damn I love staying home! If it wasn't for looming bankruptcy I could live like this forever lol! Nothing but home gym workouts, shit tons of farm work, IMG_20200331_1900256.jpg and steaks!
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    Dude why you holding back where did you buy that.
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    Had to post. My go at it with my new smoker.

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  18. movingiron88

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    Your not kidding. That's how life should be lived. But I give you business owners much credit in an uncertain time like this. For i fear small business's are the ones that will suffer most.
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